In 1980's, two Cold Wars raged in America and across the world. The first Cold War pitted the United States against the Soviet Union in a standoff to armageddon. In the second, much more devastating Cold War, two other warring states faced off: Trash vs. Glam metal. While fluffy haired, spandex-wearing glammers kick started hearts (even Pantera sported some bangs), thrashers kept it brutal. Death Angel was a gem of the Bay Area thrash scene alongside Metallica (back when they totally ruled), and shredder Kirk Hammet even produced their 1986 demo “Kill as One.” Their unpretentious devotion to thrash won them instant recognition for their debut, The Ultra Violence, which was recorded when drummer Andy Galeon was 14 years old. The band broke up after a 1990 bus crash– like the crash that killed Cliff Burton— nearly seriously injured Galeon.

In 2001, Death Angel returned to recording brutal albums and hit the road again. On Wednesday night, Death Angel (with original members Rob Cavestany and Mark Osegueda) makes a rare stop in Los Angeles for the always fun Scion Metal Show at The Roxy.

These all ages, free with RSVP shows are known for their extremely long line, and the extremely metal gents and ladies whose denim and leather harken back the halcyon days of Heavy Metal Parking Lot. After the jump, enjoy our favorite clips from HMPL and thrash slingers Death Angel.

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