It's come to our attention through reliable sources that Thom Yorke and his new LA-based band are, in addition to performing two gigs at the Orpheum this coming Sunday and Monday, doing a secret show at the Echoplex this Friday night, October 2. This is all we know, and though we've shot an email to Yorke's publicist for confirmation or denial, we've heard nothing back yet.

Neither the Echoplex site nor Radiohead's deadairspace (where Yorke announced the quick-turnaround Orpheum shows) have posted information on the show, so this is, indeed, a rumor that we're starting here, one which could come back to bite us in the ass. One shred of evidence: the Echoplex schedule is mysteriously empty for this Friday night, and the club almost always has something happening on Friday nights. This would be the first ever performance by Yorke's new group, which features musicians Joey Waronker, Mauro Refosco, Flea and Nigel Godrich.

We'll let you know what we find out when we find out. Would we bet money that it's happening? Yes. Does it suck that they're doing it the same night as Amadou & Miriam's highly anticipated show at the Fonda? Very much.

UPDATE 9:59 A.M.: We just heard back from Yorke's publicist, who would neither confirm nor deny the Echoplex show. Read into that what you want.

UPDATE OCT. 1, 2 P.M.: Pop & Hiss got an update from Yorke's publicist this afternoon. Their reply? “We cannot confirm nor deny it, but we will confirm or deny it by tomorrow morning.”

UPDATE OCT. 1, 8:35 P.M.

Confirmed. Here's Thom, via deadairspace:

so listen right

that band thats doesnt really have a name that im working with at the moment??????

have decided to do a warm-up show on Friday Oct 2nd around 9pm at the Echoplex in Los Angeles

Its not that big, it'll be total chaos and its kind of a rehearsal but .. if you are near by..

below is a link to get tickets.

hope you get lucky with it. if not you've got to be a really really really good friend to get in: )

so ain't no point hanging around outside if you're not!

the link should go live at 8.15pm

(i'll believe that when i see it)

all the best

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