Remember, it’s still technically bike to work week, so if you’re working the clubs this weekend and feel like saving the earth, maybe you should two-wheel it. In LA. At night. Or skateboard maybe. Or okay how about you just bum a ride from your ex?


So this week Michael Stipe revealed some of his roots, and confessed that when he bought that Patti Smith album as a teen that changed his life, he also bought a Foghat record. Which is awesome, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Stipe was living in Collinsville, Illinois then (I grew up in Edwardsville, Illinois, which was Collinsville’s archenemy), and Foghat was everywhere. Well, if you’d like to visit the road that Stipe ended up not traveling (think about consequences had he been floored not by the Patti Smith album but by Foghat Live), Foghat’s playing at the Canyon tonight.

American Music Club winds down its humungous tour tonight at the Echo in support of their The Golden Age. Check out LA Weekly’s interview with Mark Eitzel. It’s a good one.

The Hotel Café in Hollywood tonight has a pretty killer bill: Jessica Hoop, Salt & Samovar, Porcelain, Let's Go Sailing, Colin Gilmore, Tiki Lewis and Imperial Z. Here’s Salt & Samovar covering Hank Williams.

Naked on the Vague, from Australia, rule. Punky funky electronic crash is what we like, especially when it’s at The Smell. They do it tonight with the Megafuckers, Swft Wngs and LaCoste.

Naked on the Vague

Saturday there are two killer shows that couldn't be more different than each other. Swede pop genius Robyn, and Detroit rock masters the Dirtbombs. Who will win? The pretty white girl or the band who's done with pretty white girls?

Robyn of my heart.

The Dirtbombs

On Sunday, the Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater will screen what could be a fascinating documentary on musical improvisation. Here's what the Cinefamily site says about Noisy People, which will show at 8 p.m.

Feel like blowing into the wrong end of a horn, or slapping a drum with a head of lettuce? The Noisy People do it, and make beautiful music. Featuring skronking saxes, manipulated violins, superb synthesizers – adroitly planned and freely improvised – the documentary Noisy People follows the tightly-knit group of unusual sound artists from the San Francisco improvisational music community. Director/musician Tim Perkis filmed his fellow improvisers for one year, and what emerges are funny and lively portraits of very creative, quirky people – a picture of life outside the commercial mainstream of American music. These artists have pursued their work passionately and in the process have created a worldwide following and a supportive community at home. These are people who, as composer John Shiurba put it, “aren't going somewhere, but who are somewhere.” A Q&A session and a live performance by Tom Dill (trumpet), Gino Robair (percussion/electronics), Phillip Greenlief (sax) and Tim Perkis (electronics) will follow the screening.

And also on Sunday, the Raconteurs perform at the Honda. You probably won't be able to get in, but if you've already got a ticket, make sure you get there at 8 sharp to see Imaad Wasif. LA Weekly profiled the LA-based ersatz Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist a few months back, and he's been touring with the Raconteurs. Here's a Wasif video:

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