Voting is a basic right and responsibility in America and, as such, it's a no-frills activity. The booths are small and sometimes feature cardboard walls. You slink behind a curtain that officers less privacy than you'd get at a mall dressing room. You mark your ballot. And you leave.

This is Los Angeles, however, where doing even mundane things like taking care of your pet or buying milk at the market can take place in a parallel world of ridiculous doting and luxury—if you can afford it.

The good news is that the upscale voting that will take place in L.A. today is totally free. The bad news, at least for most of us, is that … 


 … you have to live in certain neighborhoods of Brentwood and Bel Air to participate. 

If you're in the 9001354A and 9001364A voting precincts, you're lucky not only because you live on 1 percenter turf, but because you get to get to vote as if it's the blue-blood social event of the year.

Yes, the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel is once again the official voting place for those precincts and, once again, it will be a fancy affair.

We're talking free valet parking, Chinese chicken salad, brownies, cookies, coffee, orange juice, tea, and the “soothing” sounds of harpist Jill Flomenhoft who “will even serenade voters with soothing music,” the hotel says.

Really. We'd be laughing if we weren't crying.

“These voters will get to vote in scrumptious style and comfort,” a hotel rep said in a statement.

The party starts at 7 a.m. and goes until 8 p.m. And, instead of an “I voted” sticker, people who mark their ballots here will bet an “I gloated” sticker.

We kid.

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