This CEO Courted and Won Fortune 5 Companies with an All-Female Team

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When you hear “Fortune 5”, you may think it’s a typo for “Fortune 500”. But in the world of Priscila Martinez, it’s no mistake. Martinez, Founder, and CEO of The Brand Agency, built a thriving practice with a team of talented women who serviced not just Fortune 500 but Fortune 5 companies.

For those unfamiliar with The Brand Agency, their resume is nothing short of impressive. Distinguished as “Best in Business” for Communications by Inc. Magazine, the firm won the trust and admiration of household name clients such as Amazon, Apple, Hulu, and Playboy. Even more impressive? They’re the only all-female firm globally to do so.

Before she found her calling, Martinez was navigating the traditional career expectations prevalent in her hometown in Mexico. PR wasn’t even on the radar for the then-aspiring young professional. When she moved to Los Angeles at 18, the pulsating world of public relations drew her in. Starting her career at one of the largest agencies right out of college, Martinez fell in love with the work but quickly became disillusioned with the industry’s culture.

The answer? To create her own. A few years later, The Brand Agency was born, and it’s here that Martinez’s vision came to life. She crafted a company that serviced top-tier clients and prioritized a positive, engaging work environment.

The Brand Agency has built a name for itself by staying two steps ahead of a constantly evolving industry. From the days of sending press releases via fax to navigating the wild west of Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Substack, and more recently, Threads, they’ve always been at the forefront of change. While Martinez sometimes jests about her choice of industry (Stockholm syndrom she calls it), she admits that constant reinvention is a welcomed challenge.

Although Public Relations is constantly voted as one of the most tolling careers, its not all hard work. Just one peek at The Brand Agency’s TikTok will reveal their ruthless sense of humor. From piling on the interns with an impossible lunch order to admitting their rush to get out of the office on a Friday, its all in a days work for the award winning agency.

The formula seems to be working, The Brand Agency is set to have its biggest year yet. On this growth trajectory, the commitment to a culture of kindness and integry has’t waned. Experienced publicists continue mentoring a new generation of professionals on how to work in high-stakes environments without compromising culture.

In a fast and ever-changing industry, The Brand Agency is a refreshing reminder of the power of an all-female team. For brands and companies looking to create global headlines, The Brand Agency is a shining example of what’s possible when knowledge and experience collide. The firm proved that servicing Fortune 5 companies doable with the right combination of culture and leadership.

You can delve deeper into her journey and the success of The Brand Agency through various resources, including articles on Forbes and The Brand Agency’s news page, or follow their journey on Instagram. You can also get a more professional overview of Martinez and her journey on LinkedIn.

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