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Depression is at an all-time high. Young people have been having more suicidal thoughts than ever before. With basic human interaction disrupted, people everywhere have been taking it pretty rough. Face-to-face and in-person connection is something humans have evolved a need for, making the social isolation on the mass scale it’s occurring on today unprecedented. Thankfully, there’s an app called BondApp that offers a solution. Founded by Jamal Taleb, CEO & Founder of BondApp, had to invent a reliable method that’s reversed engineered.

There are plenty of social apps already, so why create yet another one? While it’s true that there’s an abundance of apps that match you up with others, they don’t focus on encouraging in-person connection based on location. What this means is that the location feature on your smartphone is used to find other people on the app less than 200 feet from you. If someone’s within range, you can take a look at their profile, send them a ping, and see if they are mutually interested in starting up a conversation.

Jamal Taleb states “Essentially, this is an ice breaker app. It assists in finding people who match your interests and then helps you meet up with them to get to talking for real, in a more in-depth way.” The mystery of who is on the other side of the screen disappears because you will quickly see who they are. After all, they’re within 200 feet of you!

This is a social app that may be as close as you can get to meeting someone organically. With social distancing still encouraged in most places, you’ll want to stick to a safe distance, of course. However, you will get to connect with someone in a way that’s not possible by simply chatting through an app. A majority of communication is done through body language. You will be able to gauge whether the two of you hit it off when you can receive all of the communication input someone is giving out.

BondApp is still relatively new. It started out in Boston and is now becoming increasingly popular across the Northeast. However, what do you do when there’s nobody on the app nearby? There’s a Hotspots feature in the app that lets you see further out where others on the app are. You won’t be able to see who they are, as in their profiles, but you will get to see where more users are located.

Bostonians are loving BondApp so far. It’s a social app, which means it works great for professional networking, making new friends, and even just finding someone who can lend you their ear for a little bit. Jamal Taleb comes from an engineering background, which always drives him to find solutions to everyday problems. With BondApp, it looks like he found a major challenge facing people today and successfully found a way to resolve it, at least partially.

You can download BondApp for both iPhone and Android, as well as learn more about it, on the official website.


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