They Come in Colors . . .

It was a rainbow-bright kinda night at the Key Club’s Ruby Tuesday last week. Foxy pop-punk femmes The Holograms performed the final gig of their monthlong residency dressed in bizarre Teletubby-esque outfits, to a packed house — including their new producer, OutKast DJ David Sheats. Teenacide Records’ Jim Freek tells us the gals signed a deal with the DJ/producer’s new label just after playing Little Steven Van Zandt’s Bikini Beach Party A Go-Go in Florida last month. (André 3000 is set to guest on the disc!) With new singer Sisely Treasure (ex–Cooler Kids), the gals’ shameless sass is more fun than ever, though the vibe got a bit antagonistic when Treasure mocked the trendoids there for Clear Static, who shared the bill. That much-hyped nu-wave pretty-boy band, and we do mean pretty, looked poster-ready performing under a hot-pink neon name sign, their multihued heads aglow as they gyrated Duran Duran style (they signed to Maverick Records after touring with the original Wild Boys). Though singer Tom Pederson came off kinda cheesy — smoking between and during songs, all cocky and shit — the gaggle of jailbait girlies who lined the stage were in a dream state. MTV/TRL time seems imminent.

Super men?

We don’t yet know what to expect from Supernova — the new group made up of Tommy Lee, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke of latter-day Guns ’N Roses (though we’ll always remember him as the guitarist from ’80s popsters Candy).But we did get a sneak peek at those vying to become its lead singer last Friday at the taping of the new edition of the Rock Star, held at CBS Studios. The episode will have already aired by the time you read this, but we’re guessing a few things won’t make the broadcast. Naturally, we expected Lee to offer plenty of bleepable flubs throughout the taping, but the band’s producer, Butch Walker — who also sits in and critiques each performance — and host Dave Navarro each had their bad-boy moments. When a wiseass audience member yelled out “Taylor Hicks rules!” during a commercial break, Navarro replied, “Taylor Hicks can blow us!” Wonder what he’d say about Chris Daughtry.

Film Fury

It was hard to choose between some L.A. Film Festival events (like The Filth and the Fury at the John Anson Ford Theater onSaturday, with Steve Jones broadcasting live) and Allison Anders’ “Don’t Knock the Rock” fest at REDCAT (last Thurs.-Mon.). But in the end it was DKTR’s megareunions (The Gun Club and Redd Kross) that got the seasoned-scenester set out and about: MC Michael Des Barres, Silver Lake queens Kari French and Sean De Lear (not “chandeleer,” as his name was spelled here a few weeks ago), Touch Candy singer David Willis (they’re back together and making some great new tunes, BTW), Imperial Butt Wizard Paul K, Hole-y one Eric Erlandson and the Sparks bros. were just a few of the heads there for Redd Kross’ Neurotica lineup reunion on Saturday night. The McDonald siblings so still have the magic, even out-riffing decades-younger openers Be Your Own Pet. Don’t fret if ya missed it, though: Jeff and Steven are slated to play this year’s Sunset Junction Street Fair too. Kross our heart.

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