Boneyard Bistro is known for its barbecue ribs and Nashville hot chicken, but it's the latest menu addition that is haunting our souls — loaded-potato potstickers.

Picture everything you love about that quintessential American bar staple, loaded potato skins, but take the boring, dry, actual skin out of the equation. At Boneyard, you’ll find that the buttery potatoes have been whipped and mashed into a creamy mixture with sour cream and cheddar and jack cheese, and then mixed with bits of house-made bacon and sliced scallions.

Then — this is the best part — it’s stuffed into round wonton wrappers and deep-fried. If this isn’t decadent enough, the “potstickers” are served with a side of French onion dip. And then the plate is showered with more crunchy bits of bacon and chives with, perhaps, the same finesse that #SaltBae brings to the table.

The folks behind Boneyard Bistro recently invited us to visit the restaurant, and we discovered that this was the appetizer we never knew we wanted but realized we needed.

When Boneyard Bistro executive chef Erica Abell created this appetizer, she wanted to solve the age-old problem of how to cut to the chase and squeeze out the best parts out of the loaded baked potato — “the guts” of it, she says.

“I had previously worked at Roy's, and I thought putting together a traditional Asian appetizer with an American bar staple would be a fun twist that would let people get the best of both worlds,” Abell says.

She thought right.

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