‘There’s No Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme’ – Investment Expert Vittorio Rigato’s Approach in a Nutshell

Investing is a classic game of patience and understanding. With over ten years of experience in the financial world, Vittorio Rigato understands this better than anyone else. As the founder of Stoic Money and an experienced investment coach, he is well-positioned to advise on how to become an investment expert.

In 2020, after managing a 7-figure portfolio for five years, Vittorio realized that anybody could be a successful investor with the right knowledge, strategy, and mindset. He believed that you could reach true success if you carry out your investment endeavors by yourself rather than relying on traditional advisors who do care for money but not yours.

Vittorio started his coaching business to help employees and professionals to learn the basics of investing and reach Financial Freedom with absolute certainty.

This venture aims to manifest the mindset and strategy needed to lead a successful life. Regardless of income, situation, or goals, anyone can make ‘work optional’ and reach early retirement with the right approach and mindset.

Vittorio showcases on his website more than 100 video testimonials from his students. What makes hundreds of people trust and choose Stoic Money?

Unlike most investing gurus out there making ‘golden promises’ to their clients, Vittorio decides to remain transparent and honest to his students/clients and keep things as practical as possible. “With my students, I’m always very transparent that it will take time to see the results. If they are looking for some get-rich-quick scheme, they are in the wrong place,said Vittorio.

His unique and versatile approach makes Vittorio stand out as an investment coach. Instead of confusing amateurs with overcomplicated terminologies, he keeps things clear and precise for his students. He believes that the right combination of knowledge, strategy and mindset leads you to become a successful investor.

Here are some other benefits of his investment coaching program:

1:1 Coaching for Each Student/Client

To make it an ultra-customized journey, Vittorio works 1:1 with each of his clients while providing them with the knowledge and strategy needed to invest for the rest of their lives. This is something that gives confidence to his students and makes every coaching session experience seamless and personal.

Here’s what some of his students have to say about his coaching program.

1. “If you are stuck and you need guidance in your investment, this is the program for you. And Vittorio is the guy for you” – Rashvinda Kaur, USA.

  • Net Worth target: $1,500,000
  • Passive income per month: $5,000
  • Years to reach it: 9

2. “I realized I could get much more by investing than what I thought it would be possible” – Catalina Gamboa, USA

  • Net Worth target: $1,200,00
  • Passive income per month: $4,000
  • Years to reach it: 12

3. “I have the knowledge to do better than my fund manager now” – Wayne Elliot, Singapore.

  • Net Worth target: $800,000
  • Passive income per month: $2,500
  • Years to reach it: 15

You can watch all their success stories here.

100% Money Back Guarantee 

To keep things more manageable and reliable for his students, Rigato offers a 100% money-back guarantee if they are unsatisfied or fail to see the value in the program.

Time management and scheduling For Busy employees and professionals

Vittorio’s coaching program takes six weeks to complete. Keeping his student’s busy schedule in mind, he has divided it into three hours of commitment per week. This roadmap could also be extended to ten weeks.

Vittorio says: “The goal is to make my clients confident in their investments and, most importantly, create an appropriate strategy for the long term. It doesn’t matter if it takes 6 weeks or 10 weeks – this is an outcome-based program”

In summary, there’s no get-rich-quick scheme when it comes to investing. Vittorio Rigato’s coaching programs offer the right strategy and mindset to succeed in the long run without relying on so called experts who cannot guarantee financial freedom. Thanks to his expert advice, you can confidently manage your money and investment in the right way.

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