Meet Wilson (that's usually how these semicomedic stories begin), the latest creation of occasional The New Yorker cover illustrator/heart patient/Oscar-nominated illustrator Daniel Clowes. Wilson is another in a long line of disaffected outsiders and sweaty-browed squares trying desperately to break with convention. Wilson's approach is a little like the National Lampoon parody of Mad magazine in which the kid asks Dave Berg if he's really “the guy who does that Lighter Side thing” and then proceeds to tell the puffed-up cartoonist, “Boy, are you an asshole!” Wilson is to conversation what serial killers are to serial victims: No quiet milquetoast who keeps to himself; he's a pushy loudmouth who sticks his nose into everyone's business. This of course leads to hilarious shenanigans that include his father's death, his search to reconcile with his ex-wife and his discovery that he has a daughter. Great! More people to hector and annoy. Comedian Dana Gould — once called the “Charles Addams” of stand-up — moderates the evening's presentation.

Fri., May 14, 7:30 p.m., 2010

LA Weekly