The Prime Pizza Fairfax location feels as if it's been in the neighborhood for decades. Give the new Little Tokyo location a couple months, and it'll probably feel that way too.

The second restaurant, which officially opened Nov. 21 near the corner of Second and Central, is still ramping up to full service. The beer and wine license hasn't come through and the owners are still figuring out the cookie situation — bake them in-house or what? (Nicole Rucker came up with the recipe, so they're worth this kind of thought.)

But the pizza at the new location has not faltered amidst the expansion commotion. Prime Pizza offers two shapes: a thick square version, and a round, floppy New York–style pie. Both are great.

Slice of white pizza; Credit: Yelp/Maricel S.

Slice of white pizza; Credit: Yelp/Maricel S.

Prime has a relatively limited topping menu, with nods to West Coast blasphemy, like the tomato bacon ranch pizza. But the quality here is high, so you'll be happy with just a slice of pepperoni. Or a Sicilian with pesto, ricotta and tomatoes. Maybe a third slice after that.

This is a promising new addition to the neighborhood.

141 S. Central Ave., downtown; (213) 256-0011,

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