Colman Andrews and Valaer Murray probably want you to stop reading this blog. (Though you would never do such a thing, would you?) These two veteran writers and editors are the founders of, an all-purpose food site that launched yesterday.

In an effort to go beyond covering only restaurants or just cooking, TheDailyMeal would like to be your one-stop shop for all food-related content. There are five categories offered on the site's main page: “Eat” (restaurants, dishes, chefs), “Drink” (wine pairings, cocktails, etc.), “Cook” (original and curated recipes), “Entertain” (hosting, party planning), and “Travel” (travel and eating recommendations).

As Andrews writes in a blog post published on the site:

Our aim is nothing less than to cover every aspect of the eating and drinking experience: restaurants (and street food, and joints), chefs, trends, cookbooks, wine and spirits (and beer and coffee), healthy dining, not-so-healthy dining, kitchen tools, home entertaining, food-oriented travel–and of course cooking. Our robust customized recipe database returns ranked results from a treasury of top sites (chosen and vetted by our editors) supplemented with original Daily Meal recipes, a glossary of food terms, and a catalogue of kitchen basics.

Huh. All kinds of food-related content in one place. If only we had thought of that…

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