POLITICS Mostly What Happened and a Bit About What’s to Come Good Night and Good Luck: A baker’s dozen of highlights from a year of meta-media madness. By JOHN POWERS

4 Reasons to be Glad Bush is Still President. By EZRA KLEIN and JOSHUAH BEARMAN

8 Deadly Dolphins. By BRYAN GARDINER

Lies of the Year. By DAVE SHULMAN

Power to the Hamsters: 8 New Very Alternative Energy Ideas. By JUDITH LEWIS


Scandalous! A Year in Republican Treachery. By DOUG IRELAND

Celebs On Trial: A Balance Sheet. By STEVEN MIKULAN

Horse Shits of the Apocalypse. By ROBBIE CONAL

Fish in a Barrel: 12 Easy Targets. By Mr. FISH 13 Recommended Power Grabs for Antonio Villaraigosa. By ROBERT GREENE

3 Happy Endings for 2005 News Stories. By WENDY MOLYNEUX

Running Hot and Cold: A Dozen Weird Weather Moments. By JUDITH LEWIS

The 3 Pros and 5 Cons of John McCain. By EZRA KLEIN

Teetering King Arnold. By BILL BRADLEY

American Freedom 2005. By DAVE SHULMAN A Coroner’s Cross Section: 23 People Who Died on December 13. By CHRISTINE PELISEK


Annual Anagrams (Preview: Kanye West = Sweet Yank!). By TOM CHRISTIE

5 Reasons Phil Angelides is the Anti-Arnold. By EZRA KLEIN

5 Pitfalls for Progressives to Avoid in 2006

Blogorrhea. By EZRA KLEIN

2005 in Words. By MEHAMMED MACK


FEUILLETONS Sketches, Whimsies, Curios and Ephemera of All Kinds Monkey News. By BRYAN GARDINER, BRENT HOFF AND JOSHUAH BEARMAN

10 Acts of Celebrity Kindness. By MARGY ROCHLIN

10 Prurient Terms From Board and Card Games. By JON ALAIN GUZIK

9 Presidents Who Had Hooks for Hands, Colonial Jobs Involving Eels, and Other Areas of JOHN HODGMAN’s Expertise 8 Reasons NASA Should Not Shoot for the Moon Again. By MARGARET WERTHEIM

10 Unexpected Ways Your Hard Heart Was Moved Last Year. By SANDI TAN 6 Recent Penis-Related Activities. By BRYAN GARDINER

11 Secrets of Swarm Success. By GENDY ALIMURUNG 20 New Designer Dogs. By JON ALAIN GUZIK

The 10 Worst Comics in the L.A. Times. By ISABEL GOLD (AGE 11)

Promised Yourself You’d Finish But Didn’t. By DAVE SHULMAN

C’Mon, Dodgers, WTF?: 6 Blue Sox Meditations. By JON ALAIN GUZIK

5 Wonderful Things. By MARK FRAUENFELDER

10 Reasons to Switch to Scientology. By BILL SMITH

American Automobilia in 6 Strokes. By JON ALAIN GUZIK

25 Patented Ways to Improve Your Life. By BRYAN GARDINER

9 Reasons UCLA Will Beat USC Next Year. By BEN QUIÑONES

The Quotable (Robert) Blake. By STEVEN MIKULAN

9 Reasons to Join the Clippers Bandwagon. By JON ALAIN GUZIK

Top ad hoc appellations for the guy/gal behind the counter. By JON ALAIN GUZIK


CULTURE The Year in Music, Film, TV, Books and More 15 Writers Share Their Must-Reads

5 Overlooked Literary Sketches of Coastal California. By ERIK BLUHM

3 List-Obsessed Books and 3 Books of Book Lists. By ANTHONY MILLER

Indignant Irony and Bloody Machinations: 2005’s Theater Top 11. By STEVEN LEIGH MORRIS

5 Inspired Los Angeles Acquisitions. By TYLER GREEN 10 Emerging Artists. By PETER FRANK

4 Reasons It’s Hammer Time. By CARYN COLEMAN

8 Angelenos on ArtReview’s Power List. By TOM CHRISTIE

An Annual Music Alphabet. By ALAN RICH 2005’s TiVo Top Ten. By ROBERT ABELE

5 Transmissions From the Post-TV Frontier. By HOLLY WILLIS

The 10 Best Dishes of the Year. By JONATHAN GOLD



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