As the 7/10 holiday approaches, it’s time to recognize California’s standout hash extractors.

This organically formed holiday, distinct from Green Wednesdays or CBD Day, was created by Task Rok and the first-generation globbers to celebrate the rapid progress in the hash space. Not a PR company. Over the past decade, the hash sector has witnessed significant advancements in both technique and hardware and this is when we celebrate it each year. 

Solventless hash, produced using ice, water, and screens instead of volatile gas extraction, has become the reigning king. The hash industry has thrived in the pursuit of new flavors, with the hunt for unique terpenes driving the competitiveness of the companies listed below.

While this year introduces fresh faces, some well-established players make a comeback due to their continued excellence. 

While the tidal wave hasn’t hit the shore yet, there will be a ton of Piattella-style cured water hash this year. It blew up in Spain during the pandemic after Uncle’s Farm put it on the map, a first wave of Americans was exposed in 2022, myself among them. This year there were ten times as many Americans at Spannabis as in 2022, so a lot more people got hyped about it. Many Americans are working on perfecting it, including the popular Professor Sift. His efforts are in the featured photo.

Here are some of our favorite California hash companies from the past year:

Fully Meltedfully melted Z shot by Kandid kush

Humboldt’s Fully Melted has been impressing consumers in The Emerald Triangle for some time. Although their Zkittelz initially faced controversy at the Emerald Cup, it gained recognition for its incredible terpenes. Alien Labs even used the same pheno that produced the material to claim The Best Thing Smoking at Zalympix a bit over a month after the cup. Must be pretty fire! Every offering from Fully Melted is definitely worth exploring.

Royal Key OrganicsRoyal Key iOS 90u Full Melt

Royal Key Organics successfully transitioned from producing award-winning sauces to crafting exceptional solventless hash in recent years. This is in addition to their world-class flower offerings. Their Arcata facility, now expanded, allows more people to experience the wonders of hash made from plants grown in living soil. Their IOS OG 90u Sift, bred in-house, exemplifies the quality and passion behind their products.

“Selection number 24 instantly took us back to our favorite OGs we and our friends grew in the early 2000’s,” Josh Vert, founder or Royal Key Organics, told L.A. Weekly, “Memory can be a funny thing, so we gave it to OG connoisseurs around the state. Everyone who experienced “HHSFV Dog” no.24 said it checked all of their boxes for smell, taste, smokabilty, high, and bag appeal. They also wanted more, and considered it a fantastic OG in cured flower form. We then named it iOS OG, short for I only smoke OG. 

KalyaKalya Dole Whip

Despite facing numerous challenges, Kalya has consistently excelled in producing high-quality hash. Their recent move to Santa Rosa has brought them smoother operations after dealing with the perils of Oakland over the past few years. They continue to impress with their offerings, such as the delightful Dole Whip they had in their possession when I ran into the team a couple of weeks ago. Some of the nicest rosin I’ve seen this year. 

LA Family FarmsLA Family Farms 710

LA Family Farms made headlines last August by securing top honors at The Transbay Challenge, surpassing many renowned names in the industry. Their Cotton Candy Gas, grown and washed in-house, is a highly celebrated new addition. It’s the perfect showcasing of their expertise in creating Los Angeles-based single-source rosin.

Cali-XCali X

Cali-X deserves recognition for its underrated rosin in the recreational market. Each jar of their hash is exceptional and wholly made in Los Angeles. As a “single source” entity, Cali-X turns things they grow themselves into unique flavors that add excitement to the rosin market. A lot of Cali-X’s genetics are exclusive to them, so it makes the thoughts of the flavors they may possess in hash form fascinating. 

Rosin Techlemon limez rosintech 02

The 2022 Emerald Cup winners, Rosin Tech, continued to crush throughout the year with their high-quality products. Their foray into hash holes has been successful, firmly establishing them among the finest in the industry. The hash inside their joints steals the show, thanks to the incredibly loud flavors they deliver. Their collaborations with Luma Farms are some of the most prized jars in the spread. 

Moonshine Melts

Moonshine Melts, the hash wing of 3rd Gen Family Farms, has earned numerous accolades and remains one of the most awarded cannabis companies in the space when it comes to the trophies that actually matter. Their Zkittelz is renowned for its exceptional quality. Acquiring their single-source hash is akin to hitting the jackpot. There was a point in the mid-2010s when people had to start with the question of whether they thought it could beat Moonshine Metls before they even entered a contest. Many didn’t risk it. 

Trilogy 710 trilogy 710

The team at Trilogy 710 has mastered terpene preservation like few others. Their jars contain some of the juiciest rosin available. In addition to their impressive techniques, their collaborations with renowned breeders promise to deliver exciting new terps to the market. Keep an eye out for their work with Symbiotic Genetics for potentially mind-blowing results.

Cryo LabsCryolabs e1688670360982

Cryo Labs has gained global influence in recent weeks, with their Gary Payton hash jar making waves at the Mary Jane Berlin festival. They have been pioneers in exploring unique terps, such as Compound Genetics’ Apples & Bananas and Grape Gas. Extractors producing their own material now consider Grape Gas a must-have strain but Cryo Cure was dropping it a year before anyone. 

Have HashHave hash

Hash Hash has rightfully claimed numerous trophies this year. They triumphed in Europe during Spannabis week by winning The Ego Clash Barcelona and securing second place at Masters of Rosin a few days later. Then when they returned to America they won San Francisco’s highly competitive challenge at Hippie Hill. We eagerly anticipate the release of their new flavors from the latest harvest.

Arcata FireMWz1OKNg

Not everyone can access raw extracts, so Arcata Fire’s Rosin Syrup is the perfect alternative. Their pens recently claimed top honors in The Emerald Cup’s fiercely competitive Solventless Cartridge category. This achievement is expected to improve the availability of their products across the state in the coming months.

Swollen Heads

Another California company making waves abroad is Swollen Heads. When we linked up with Swollen Heads this spring we got the chance to test all of their terps of the moment. Everything was grown by them and then processed. Each flavor held up against most of what we’re seeing in the market with no problem. We highly recommend trying to get your hands on a jar. 

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