Sports and indie rock seldom mix. While it is true that rocking out is like working out, most rock enthusiasts have avoided gym class like the plague (this West Coast Sound contributor never “dressed out” of “P.E.” due to what he deemed to be a threat on his individuality that was obviously expressed in a Primus shirt).

But maybe it's better that way. Basketball can be a hazardous place for indie rockers (except Division Day, whose pick up team is named The Warm Jets, no joke.) Fairly certain that if Owen Pallet tried to post a pick against Shaquille O'Neal, he would be instantly vaporized. I even had to Google “basketball moves” to write that. Obviously, Basketball + Indie Rock = disaster. That is, unless you're on Twitter.

Yesterday, just like the splendor of #metalmeals, a new trend emerged that brought these disparate worlds together: #IndieRockBasketball. Gems like The Cold War Jason Kids, Antony & the Magic Johnsons, and Shaquille O' Neal Hamburger emerged from the Twitter ether like Kevin McHale executing a perfect up and under (used Wikipedia for that reference). Now that the trend tide has simmered down, and my own failed attempts to start #metalbasketball (Golden State Gwarriors, Celtics Frost, Sacramento King Diamonds? Pure gold, people!) have subsided, we present to you some of our favorite picks of #IndieRockBasketball (and choice basketball and indie rock videos) after the jump.

PJ Harvey Grant – donsteele

Mugsy Bogue Wave? – ashmatty

The Cold War Jason Kids – 503Jesse

Phoenix Sunn O)))'s – somesongs

Dr. Jay Mascis – bizarro_jesse

Yao La Tengo? – bruce_arthur

The YaoMing Lips – riversmccown

Wilt to Spill – walkerblake

Dikembe Motomboken Social Scene – crappycinemanyc

AnferNeon Indian Hardaway – robbieorch

Antony and the Magic Johnsons – MichaelSkubic

Derek Fisherspooner – niharpatel

Sharon Jones and the Sacramento Kings – PatrickTruby

The Alonzo Mourning Benders – bleeharper

Shaquille O' Neal Hamburger – currincy

…And You Will Know Us By The Trailblazers of Dead – Thekidcanada

Bon Iverson – johnmoe

Larry Bird and the Bee – BabyStew

We Were Promised Jet Pac-10 – michellemlanz

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