While coq au vin may be one of Julia Child's best dishes, and a preposterous chicken sandwich the most newsworthy thing to order at a fast food restaurant at the moment, chicken is not what Bolivian president Evo Morales thinks you should have for dinner. At least if you're a man.

Morales told an environmental conference on Tuesday that men should stay away from chicken if they wanted to save both their hair and their virility, blaming female hormones injected into the birds by poultry producers. “Because of that men who consume them have problems being men.” Additionally, men run the risk, according to Morales, of going bald if they consume too much chicken over too long a period of time. The Bolivian president also criticized Coca-Cola (“It is harmful. … Imagine what it contains”) and blamed “the West” for bringing in “more and more poison.” So much for KFC's La Paz expansion plans.

LA Weekly