There are endless amounts of sites, blogs, books and advice on parenting, so why do so many parents feel like they’re flying blind? Who better to hear from than a badass executive and everyday mom as Jenny Maryasis joins Craig on this episode of The World According To Craig to talk about being a first-time parent.

“Yes, there are totally amazing, brilliant books on parenting, but ultimately why people are flying blind is because everyone brings their own baggage to parenting. Everyone has been parented differently,” explains Jenny, a talent agent. “We repeat and model what we know, and also all of these children are different people in their own right and they have their own personalities, and what works for one doesn’t work for another, and so you have to figure it out.”

Why do so many parents feel like their world is out of control? Well, there are lots of reasons for that. Join Craig this week as he hosts a badass executive and mom to talk about the struggles and joys of parenting.

It’s time to stop listening to Instagram experts and slick book publishers about what parenting is and how it should go, and accept that only the imperfect, every day, amazing human beings doing the job are those we all should hear more from!

You never really know how parenting turns out until your kids are all grown up – which is pretty stressful, and requires a leap of faith. There are reams of parenting advice, but in the end, the books will only get you 70% there. The rest is luck, intuition and hope.

Sometimes, when being a parent, all you need to know is that other people are going through the same crazy things you are, that there’s more out there.

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