If you had any doubt the entire country wasn't succumbing to delirium, here's your proof:

The White House's Twitter account just Rickrolled a follower.

Sure, that joke's older than news that broke online a week ago, but that's just further confirmation that the minds behind the great white fortress are crumbling as quickly as the country's financial state.

After one of the White House's followers Tweeted the following,

the (probably very fun) Twitter account manager for the White House popped off with this:

Of course, the best part is that @wiggsd didn't know what being Rickrolled even was (we know we spend too much time on the internet, but really??).

“Didn't know what it was. Too funny. It explains what they are working on behind closed doors!” he Tweeted.

It does, @wiggsd, it does indeed.

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