Everybody wants to leave a mark in this world by doing something nobody else has done before. People want recognition, but some will do it even if it means being known for doing something unusual.

Here are some of the weirdest Guinness Book of World Records that people broke for the sake of weirdness:

Fastest Person to Alphabetize Letters of An Alphabet Soup

One man’s typical sick-day food is another man’s world record. An individual recently set the world record for being the fastest person to arrange the letters alphabetically from a canned alphabet soup. He was able to do the odd task in 2 minutes and 8.6 seconds.

The man shared the video on his Instagram with the hashtag #guinnessworldrecords along with many others. To practice making the world record, the now-title holder memorized the shapes of the letters.

Farthest to Walk on A Tightrope in High Heels

It’s amazing to see teenagers do things better than you’ll ever be able to as an adult. Like walking on a tightrope— unless you actually can (if so, bravo to you!) but to walk on a tightrope in high heels? I bet you didn’t even think of that. Much less that you balance long and far enough to set a world record— but that’s exactly what a Vermont teen achieved this year.

The teen walked on a tightrope for as far as 194.983m (or 639 feet and 7 inches). She was born to a circus family so it’s a huge part of why she’s able to achieve the Guinness World Record at such a young age.

Most Number of Spoons Balanced on the Body

This world record will make you say “How does a person even come up with that?” Well, an Iranian man is way ahead of the curve. Not only did he come up with an idea so crazy, but he also managed to set his name on the book of Guinness World Records. His accomplishment? Oh, he only managed to balance 85 spoons on his body.

If you ask how “ahead of the curve” this man is, he says he discovered his “talent” when he was a child and he’s been practicing ever since. His hard work finally paid off. He’s now an official Guinness Book of World Records titleholder.

World’s Largest Chicken Nugget

Our favorite TikTok and YouTube grandma Lynja collaborated with our other favorite online superstar, the knife-throwing, shorts loop pro, and previous Masterchef runner-up, Nick DiGiovanni.

What other type of world record could this unlikely TikTok duo think of achieving besides something food-related? That’s exactly what they went for— the kitchen experts made the world’s biggest chicken nugget. The snack they made was 115 times the average chicken nugget. It was also as heavy as 20.960 kg or 46 lbs 3.32 oz.

As You Can See,

Legacy is what we all aim for but others are willing to do just about anything to achieve it— they’ll break world records through unusual ways to accomplish odd records. Kudos to the weirdest Guinness Book of World Records titleholders. Let’s all wait for new strange ones in 2023.



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