Ah, music. It arrives from out of the mist, or from Hell below, or from passing cars bumping the beats, or from Muzak kicking Phil Collins' “In the Air” at Ralph's. It just keeps coming, and to limit our appreciation of the live scene in LA only to the clubs would be to ignore the plethora of street musicians kicking so much indie-rock ass. To wit, yesterday as I was walking up Selma toward the Sunday morning farmers market at Ivar and Cahuenga, I heard the sound of a kick drum. Now, usually the only sound you can hear is that of the bongos from the dreadlocked dude who's there every week. As I approached, a trombone, the unsung hero of the brass family, made itself known, and it soon coupled with a well-played accordion (meaning the player was both fingering the bottons as he depressed they keys). This was something different, courtesy of Joshen Petrojvic (right) and Jatosh, who doubled on the kick and snare drums (with his feet). Check out their site, Albania Mania, pronto, and sorry for the quality of this. I shot it on my BlackBerry.

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