The Weeb Dynasty: Wallie Sue and Weeb Emperor Subjagating Otaku Fandoms?

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It’s one thing to create a trend and some buzz in the entertainment industry, and it is a totally different ball game when you build a revolutionary empire. And there will be opposition, threatened by the influence you have. They can be thought of as nothing more than a hurdle, another stepping stone for the emperor to surmount.

Tirus Kimble, the Weeb Emperor, is well-known for kickstarting one of the most exciting, successful, and, of course, banned businesses on the internet. If you didn’t already know, Tirus and his partner Wallie Sue are among the top 0% of the most popular Subscription-based content platform creators on the platform!

But every journey starts with a first step.

A Life Saved

In the blueprint of every successful business, there is depth—something more than numbers and strategy. The couple creating all the buzz in the TikTok and Subscription-based content platform industry faced a lot of emotional turmoil. One-half of the power couple, Wallie Sue, has vented how she was a victim of toxic guardianship, which many teens and adults can relate to.

Wallie wanted to express herself, and with the help of Tirus, she found her voice. She regained the confidence to pursue her career. Tirus would help her manage her TikTok and Instagram accounts simultaneously.

They persisted, and perseverance is the difference between businesses that make it and the ones that don’t

Boomin Business

Wallie’s modeling pictures skyrocketed her fame. Reaching hundreds of thousands across Instagram while her Tik Tok scored millions.

After all their hard work, the fruits of Tirus and Wallie’s belief in their business finally ripened. Analytics show that the Weeb Dynasty Emperor and Empress have earned around three million dollars ever since the profile was created.

But when you’re running a successful business, it will come with its own set of obstacles. Tirus and Wallie have had their fair share. The couple holds the record for most bans in the world 121 on Tik Tok and 4 on Instagram.

Tiktok, in particular, released an update announcing their pursuit of banning “overtly sexually aggressive” content. Instead of raising awareness for better parenting and monitoring of their children, it is as though they are taking the easy way out and demoting sex-positive brands and people promoting self-expression.

But you know what they say. There will be haters.

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What it Takes to Be a Success

To build a successful empire, looking past the hate and staying persistent in your cause and what you believe in is essential. In an industry with cutthroat competition, Wallie Sue and Tirus believe in wanting to help new creators find their way in the marketplace. With Weeb Dynasty, there is a causeway bigger than the creators themselves. This vision in itself is what takes a business to newer heights in its tenure.

Secondly, there is a saying, “Giving back to the cause.”

Tirus and Wallie make sure that they give back to society while reaching newer levels of success. This makes a business sustainable. It improves brand image and lets people know the brand is not just in for the clout.

The Weeb Dynasty is using its revenue to donate to the National Alliance On Mental Illness in pursuit of tackling the ever-growing problem of mental illness in society.

Also, to run a business, partners must have synergy. The Weeb Dynasty is so successful because of the couple behind it.

They have been through the worst together well before the money started pouring in. They were there for each other in the worst of times, when many friends jump ship. And when their business took a hit with multiple bans, where many would’ve been discouraged and pulled the plug on their business, the couple only grew stronger. They created a loyal cult movement of fans they call “legions.”

The Future of Social Media With Artificial Intelligence

How will they perform in the future?

The world of social media is experiencing a revolution. What is the future of social media models with AI now in the picture?

The modeling industry has been under the threat of being replaced by hyper-realistic customized AI software that can create the “ideal” model long before AI.

But every lock has a key.

Many creators can use AI to spice up their Subscription-based content platform game! They can edit their current photos and make them look more appealing. “Tirus Kimble highlights the opportunities that AI brings. A good business is one that is not afraid of change and innovation.”

As of now, Weeb Dynasty is going strong and has established its very own eCommerce store. But more than the adventurous goodies they are selling, they are sending out a message to their fans to pursue who they wanna be no matter what.

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