What's the country reading today food-wise? Here's a roundup of some of the food-related stories from other newspapers, many of which print their food sections mid-week. And remember, even if you don't actually buy papers these days (or not; this paper is free), it's where most of your content comes from. Surf away. Just remember that spilling your macchiato over your keyboard is a lot more expensive than spilling it across newsprint.

In the Los Angeles Times, Jonathan Gold reviews Industriel; and S. Irene Virbila looks at globe-trotting chefs.

At The New York Times, what restaurants know about you; more food fun on the Upper East Side; and Mark Bittman on the downside of white tablecloth restaurants.

The hazards of freshly baked bread; and chef Seamus Mullen cooks through and deals with rheumatoid arthritis, at the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Oregonian looks at that great Argentine food, the empanada.

How Boston restaurants use local, seasonal produce; and bacon recipes, at The Boston Globe.

At the Detroit Free Press, schools tweak their menus to emphasize more healthful choices.

Chicago Tribune considers the many joys of balsamic vinegar; and cocktails to help you get through the political conventions.

At The Wall Street Journal, a look at surströmming, or stinky fish from Scandinavia; and the opening of grouse season in the U.K.

A Dallas barbecue pit master reinvents his career after 16 years in prison, at The Dallas Morning News.

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