Starry Kitchen, the downtown restaurant known for giving French chef Laurent Quenioux a place to occasionally hang his toque (or bandana) on a vat of sriracha and a tray of green tofu balls, is looking for line cooks. Here's the Craigslist ad, posted two days ago, which is quite as hilarious as the ad owner Nguyen Tran ran not too long ago for a sous chef. Yes, we wrote about that too, but if you read Tran's prose, you'll understand why. Remember, this is a man known for his karaoke skills and for wandering around town dressed in lederhosen and a sandwich board.

The job's list of requirements begins, predictably, with the “Subway Rule,” which suggests that having worked in that establishment is reason enough not to apply. Other than that, the successful applicant should have a sense of humor, a respect for profanity, “LOVE,” knife skills, a knowledge of and appreciation for Asian food, some basic math and English skills, and (ideally) tofu box collage skills and a penchant for obscure sodas.

Both full and part time employees are needed, and they're willing to waive the Subway Rule for the right person. Like maybe if you show up for the interview in lederhosen. Turn the page for a particularly good quote from the job listing.

Starry Kitchen (a casual Pan-Asian Comfort Food eatery w/ an owner that's known to drop F*Bomb to customers on a friendly and regular basis!) in Downtown Los Angeles, is looking to hire some no-wuss (male or female, doesn't matter to us), enthusiastic, motivated, not-scared-to-roll-up-your-sleeves and/or get-really-plastered-with-staff-after-a-hard-days-work-sometimes (and hopefully hilarious) LINE COOKS to join our band of culinary misfits as we try to rule the world, the city or at least our local PTA as we try to eventually grow beyond one restaurant.

Do you own or manage a restaurant or other food-related business and have a job listing? Email us the details and we'll post it on the blog. We may not be Craigslist, but if you're a Republican Congressman with a racy picture, feel free to send that along too.

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