Do you want to work in a fun downtown environment with people who used to tour the country singing karaoke? Do you want to hang out with Laurent Quenioux and watch him figure out how to put foie and chocolate in bánh mì? Are you good at putting your resume into iambic pentameter? Would you work for a man who sometimes wears lederhosen and sandwich boards?

Then read the ad Starry Kitchen posted on Craigslist and consider applying for a job.

Starry Kitchen (a Pan-Asian Comfort Food eatery) in Downtown Los Angeles, is looking to hire an enthusiastic, motivated, not-scared-to-roll-up-your-sleeves (and hopefully hilarious) Sous Chef to join our band of culinary misfits as we try to rule the world (or at least grow beyond one restaurant)

It may sound like a joke posting, but it's not (but we do joke around a lot). If you don't get the humor or don't like to joke around, please don't apply. I already know we won't get along (but thanks for reading ;D)

Here's the Craigslist ad, which is hilarious and a reason in and of itself to go order some spicy “crack” krab cakes. Owner Nguyen Tran, who was dressed pretty normally yesterday, says he's gotten lots of feedback. “I got a limerick, a haiku.” How about a sestina that uses tofu balls in the repetition.

Do you own or manage a restaurant or other food-related business and have a job listing? Email us the details and we'll post it on the blog. We may not be Craigslist, but if you're a Republican Congressman with a racy picture, feel free to send that along too.

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