If you're the sort of person who eats out way too often at Umami Burger, frequently invokes Thomas Keller's well-documented love of In-N-Out as justification for your fast food burger fetish, and spends your weekends in close proximity to your charcoal briquets and hand-ground prime chuck, then you may to check out this recent Craigslist ad. For a mere $1,000 (that's only 83 80 Father's Office hamburgers), you could sleep on a custom-made 84 inch by 38 inch tall bed shaped like an actual cheesehamburger.

According to the seller, the bed “includes the top and bottom hamburger buns, a large king size wendys style square hamburger patty, cheese, lettuce, 2 strips of bacon, tomatoes, and pickles.” Oh, and the top bun is “is nice and squishy like a large bean bag chair.” What better place to eat a cheeseburger and watch Diners, Drive-ins and Dives reruns, in which Guy Fieri consumes even more of them than you can.

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