Pop-up restaurants can be challenging for many reasons, not least being the difficulty of adapting to a new space that is by definition temporary. Ludo Lefebvre knew that running LudoBites out of Royal/T's Japanese-style cosplay café in Culver City would be difficult, particularly as the space does not have a walk-in. It's one thing if you're making a Kobe beef “hambagu,” quite another if every dish has 20 different components. Because of the size constraints and recent staffing issues, Lefebvre tells us that LudoBites will be changing from an à la carte menu to a prix fixe menu starting tonight, and for the rest of his run at Royal/T. Okay, poor us. Tonight's menu includes tuna with sushi rice cream, soy sauce gelee and smoked ginger; caramelized cod with citrus powder, celery roots and mustard; and chocolate mousse with lichis and sesame seed paste. If the chef can adapt, so can we.

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