The Unlikely Duo: OCM Globe Inc and Chi Forest Shake Up Costco’s Aisles


An unexpected cooperation has developed, poised to take on the American market, in the frenetic world of food and beverages, where titans roam and young contenders battle to find their footing. Consider this: OCM Globe Inc, a well-known Asian food distributor, and Chi Forest, a Chinese beverage brand, have joined up to take on Costco. It’s a story about trust, taste, and a dash of humor that has tongues wagging and shopping carts filled with anticipation.

OCM Globe Inc, a renowned Asian wholesale food and beverage distributor, is known for delivering the best Chinese and Asian brands to the United States. Their mission? To offer high-quality Asian food to the broader American market. It’s like being the greatest tastemaker, forming connections between consumers and delightful treats.

Enter Chi Forest, a lively and inventive Chinese beverage brand led by the visionary Tang Binsen and his management team steeped in technology and philosophy. They’ve created a selection of beverages that have caught the hearts and palates of customers globally, thanks to their unique insight into youthful consumers’ desires and a splash of oriental cultural meaning.

The 46-year-old retail behemoth Costco takes pleasure in providing for the quality of life needs of its customers at an affordable price. To serve their discerning clients, they have always been searching for high-quality items, and Chi Forest’s health benefits completely met their needs.

However, breaking into Costco is not an easy task. It calls for a careful balancing act between trust, individuality, and strict food safety regulations. With its accredited laboratories and independent sampling checks, Costco demonstrates its dedication to providing only the finest for its consumers. Fortunately, Chi Forest doesn’t skimp on quality. They have successfully completed Costco’s stringent factory inspection qualification exam with their cutting-edge, high-standard aseptic production method.

With their extensive assortment of Asian wholesale foods and drinks, OCM Globe Inc recognized the ideal chance to introduce Chi Forest’s unique and refreshing flavors to American consumers. They were prepared to take on retail, catering, and e-commerce platforms head-on thanks to a distribution network that covered all 50 states.

The adventure starts. Customers were treated to a symphony of flavors as the duo entered Costco’s sacred aisles. Chi Forest’s exclusive US version, the Lychee & White Peach bundle is now available on shelves at Costco and offers a tantalizing combination just for Costco shoppers. Even one more best thing is it comes with 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calories so no one needs to worry about calories.

OCM Globe Inc and Chi Forest’s seemingly incongruous union turned out to be the perfect combination for a beverage. OCM Globe Inc’s capacity to meet Costco’s requirements for high volumes and strict cost control wowed, but Chi Forest’s commitment to making unique and healthful beverages won over consumers all over the country.

The “healthy” reputation of Chinese goods expanded abroad with each sip of Chi Forest’s enticing concoctions. Chi Forest’s victory at Costco propelled it into the public eye and opened the door for a bright future. Their commitment to honesty and creativity demonstrated how sustainable growth could be attained while titillating taste senses and making customers happy.

So, dear readers, be on the lookout for the dynamic collaboration between OCM Globe Inc and Chi Forest the next time you find yourself browsing the aisles of Costco. With every sip of the exclusive Lychee & White Peach bundle, they will transport you to the lush landscapes of China. It is a union of cultures, a fusion of flavors, and proof of the effectiveness of teamwork.

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