The Ultimate Gym Experience: Inside No Limit Super Gym

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Jack Torosian in front of the 1st No Limit in Los Angeles, CA

Our exclusive interview with Jack Torosian, the founder of No Limit Super Gym, provides insight into his inspiring journey from working in some of California’s most famous gyms to establishing a thriving business. Torosian discusses the distinctive aspects of his gym, such as its impressive art collection and state-of-the-art sound system, and shares his sources of inspiration and criteria for measuring success. He also emphasizes the significance of building a supportive and positive community in his gym, and offers a persuasive reason for anyone seeking a life-changing fitness experience to visit No Limit Super Gym, one of the hottest gyms in Los Angeles.

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Free Weight Area of the No Limit Los Angeles, CA location

Could you share with us the story of your personal journey, starting from your early days working at renowned California gyms and leading up to the establishment and growth of No Limit Super Gym into the thriving enterprise it is today?

I was born and raised in Armenia until the age of 13, when my family and I were forced to flee to the US due to civil unrest. Upon arriving in the US, we discovered the Armenian community in the Los Angeles area. I attended my freshman year at Glendale High, but we eventually relocated to Fresno, California due to the high cost of living. I completed high school in Fresno and attended Fresno State to pursue a career in the medical field. During my high school years, I discovered my passion for fitness and the gym. It helped me gain size, confidence, and work through the difficulties of being an underdog from a foreign country.

After three years in the pre-med program, I decided to drop out and pursue a corporate career using my business savvy. Within a few years, I climbed to the top of the LA Fitness Physical Training department and became one of the most successful directors at the time among the 363 nationwide locations.

While I enjoyed my work accomplishments, I also ventured into entrepreneurship with my then-wife. In 2011, we launched a joint venture bakery and used social media to quickly gain a strong customer base. Within three years, we opened five chain stores. As I grew my business acumen, I launched NO LIMIT Supplements as a passion project to apply my Bachelor of Science degree. With my drive and contacts in the bodybuilding world, we quickly gained a following for my products, which required a dedicated warehouse to store the product and create content.

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Jack Torosian key Largo, Florida near No Limit Miami

How does the community you’ve built contribute to making No Limit Super Gym one of the most unique gyms in the world?

When we stumbled upon a 1,000 square-foot warehouse in Burbank, CA, we knew we had found the perfect place to store our products. But the space quickly became more than just a storage unit – it became a hub for our social media influencer friends to connect, brainstorm, and create viral content. Before long, we had even built a private gym for myself and my closest friends, sparing no expense to create a truly one-of-a-kind facility.

As our supplement line expanded to eight differentiated products and our social media following grew, we realized we needed to expand the space. In 2017, we found the perfect location to expand the private gym and create a state-of-the-art facility for the public. The No Limit Super Gym was born and quickly gained a cult following.

Unlike the drab, monotonous “Big Gyms,” No Limit embraced countercultural elements, infusing the space with street art, cutting-edge sound systems, and a mix of indoor and outdoor settings, all equipped with the most advanced workout gear on the market. Even before it opened to the public, the gym’s reputation had spread far and wide – in fact, movie and comedy star Kevin Hart was already singing its praises on an ESPN segment.  Among the gym’s most notable members was Julius Randle from the Lakers, whose career was on the line until he transformed his physique in just six weeks of training at No Limit.

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No Limit, where art, pop culture, and dedication intersect

How do you stay current with the latest fitness trends and incorporate them into your life, and then into that of your business?

Amidst juggling multiple responsibilities, I find inspiration from the community I’ve created. Assisting others on their quest for personal growth fuels my motivation and drive. Even as I strive to enhance my profile and scale my business, I remain acutely aware of the significance of creating a sanctuary for like-minded individuals.

Facing numerous challenges and obstacles in running my business, my commitment to the community I serve keeps me grounded. Even on the toughest days, I am reminded of the impact my work has on others and the role I play in helping them achieve their goals. Armed with this knowledge, I push myself to perform my best and make the most of every opportunity.

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A training experience unlike any other

Can you give us a little more insight on the art, sound system and investments in the No Limit Super Gym Los Angeles location?

Even though the gym was originally built as a personal project and not intended as a business venture, no expense was spared in creating an unparalleled fitness experience for members.

The gym boasts an exceptional collection of art that includes pieces by renowned street artists and emerging local talents. Not only does this artwork enhance the gym’s visual appeal, but it also helped launch the careers of these gifted individuals. To further elevate the member experience, the gym is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system that provides an immersive and stimulating auditory experience during workouts.

Moreover, the gym’s infrastructure includes a luxurious ceramic roof, which was a substantial investment, and a special powder coating process that causes the machines to radiate under the black lights. These unique features add to the gym’s overall ambiance, creating an unparalleled workout environment that distinguishes it from other fitness centers. The sizable costs associated with these investments highlight John Peterson’s unwavering commitment to delivering a top-tier experience to its members.

How do you measure success? Both for you, and your business?

Success isn’t just about financial gain or professional accomplishments. To me, true success is measured by the happiness and fulfillment one gains from making a positive impact on someone’s life. It’s not just about personal achievements, but also about the contributions we make to others.

I believe that when we focus on how much positive change we can bring to people’s lives, we experience a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that’s unmatched. It’s important to remember that the impact we make doesn’t have to be grand or monumental. Even small acts of kindness, empathy, and generosity can go a long way in making a positive difference in someone’s life.

Can you talk about the community aspect of your gym and how you foster a positive and supportive environment for members? 

One of my personal rules is to greet every patron I encounter whenever I enter No Limit. I strongly believe that a simple act of kindness, such as saying hello, can have a big impact on someone’s day. For me, seeing the positive effects of this simple gesture brings me great joy and reinforces my commitment to spreading positivity and building a sense of community at my gym.

Can you tell me about the people who have influenced you?

Lately, due to my busy travel schedule, I have found myself dedicating more time to reading books. My current reading list includes titles from well-respected scholars, successful businessmen, and philosophers, such as“Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. By seeking out knowledge and insights from these experts, I hope to continue expanding my understanding of the world and developing new ideas that can benefit myself and my business endeavors.

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Jack and Wia Torosian

If you could give a stranger one reason to come to your facility over anywhere else, what would that be?

Discover a life-changing experience unlike any other! Visit our one-of-a-kind facility, filled with inspiring individuals dedicated to lifelong personal growth and a disciplined, stoic lifestyle. Come and be a part of a community that is passionate about self-improvement and achieving goals.

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