Do you know what haggis is? According to a report in Reuters, 18% of Britons do not. That might not seem surprising at first — identifying a grey mass of oatmeal, suet and offal is inherently difficult — until you realize that it's not just that they can't identify the famous Scottish dish, but that almost 1 in 5 Britons believe that it's a “hilltop-dwelling animal.” A recent survey found that another 15% think haggis is a Scottish musical instrument, and 4% believe that it's a Harry Potter character. (That would be Hagrid.)

Which makes us wonder what other foods are commonly misidentified. You may not be Scottish; you may not care what haggis is in the first place. But what about other dishes? Tripe, goulash, lutefisk, toad-in-the-hole, for starters. Spotted dick? Head cheese? It is not what Packers fans customarily wear on their heads. What else? Let us know.

LA Weekly