This is a public service announcement. If you see a small fleet of VW microbuses, painted orange and looking alarmingly like oddly shaped moving wheels of cheddar cheese, on the streets of L.A. tomorrow, don't freak out. Tillamook, the Oregon-based cheese company, is having some fun. They're doing a “Loaf Love Tour,” for which they've retrofitted and painted 3 1966 buses to look like cheese and are driving them through 100 cities in some 9 Western states, including this city from March 17th – April 12th.

Okay, so the buses aren't supposed to look like actual wheels of cheese — that's for when the Italian government gets a Parmigiano-Reggiano bus — they're supposed to look like those bricks or “loaves” of cheese you get at the store. I don't know why. Maybe one of their marketing people watched The Love Bug too many times. Ask them. The buses will be stopping in grocery stores, farmers markets, random neighborhoods, wherever, spreading the gospel of cheese. We're telling you this because you should know that Tillamook has not started a Cheese Truck. That's the territory of Laurent Bonjour and his Cheese Corner truck.

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