What's the country reading today food-wise? Here's a roundup of some of the food-related stories from other newspapers, many of which print their food sections mid-week. And remember, even if you don't actually buy papers these days (or not; this paper is free), it's where most of your content comes from. Surf away. Just remember that spilling your macchiato over your keyboard is a lot more expensive than spilling it across newsprint.

At the Los Angeles Times, food blogger Bill Esparza considers the new wave of local Salvadoran restaurants; a former punk rocker makes jams; and 1 star for Firefly in Studio City.

The New York Times considers the meatless burger; a review of Jonathan Waxman's new cookbook, Italian, My Way; and celebrating Phagwah, a Hindu holiday, in food.

The backyard pig roast moves indoors; and “Munch Madness,” or the NCAA tournament in 64 Boston restaurants, at The Boston Globe.

“The Kojo Nnamdi Show,” an award-winning radio show, covers food as a cultural force; and a recipe for Chinese gambling rice, at The Washington Post.

At Chicago Tribune, more adventures in airport food: Eating sushi at Chicago's O'Hare; and Bill Daley gives us an elegy for Elizabeth Taylor in food.

New York merchants say rules governing opening restaurants are crushing their businesses, at the New York Daily-News.

At the Kansas City Star, a yoga teacher finds peace in simple foods.

Wolfgang Puck does hospital food: Puck opens his first restaurant in a hospital, a new WP Express in Cleveland, from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

At The Denver Post, Showtime! molecular gastronomist Ian Kleinman plays with his food at a Denver commissary; and how you too can enter the fourth annual Denver Post Peeps diorama contest.

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