While gearing up for the spring sweeps period, television fans are keeping score on which series will return in the fall (Hurrah! More Fringe!) and waiting to see which will end up axed! (Enjoy that cushy time slot while it lasts, FlashForward, it ain't looking good.) Meanwhile, despite the continued surge of reality-TV pap, some scripted series continue to solder on hard against the odds, and 20 years after its debut, The Simpsons remains the most celebrated animated series of all time, and one of the longest-lived. Despite a decline in ratings, the show continues to have the support of a loyal fan base, many of whom would likely clamor for a seat at the table, as Animag Events presents “Breakfast with Al Jean & The Simpsons Creative Team.” The current Simpsons show runner and several of the producers will be on hand to take questions about how and why the residents of Springfield have remained a seemingly rock-solid staple of Fox's lineup.

Fri., April 23, 9 a.m., 2010

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