The Synergy of Tools and Teams: Optimizing Product Management Workflows

The gateway to optimizing product management lies at the intersection of sophisticated tools and cohesive teamwork. For many companies, this intersection results in a detour or stall. Why? Because the problem with current systems in the market, including CRM, ERP, PLM, and CPQ, is that they all assume that the product idea is already known throughout the organization. However, with communication within companies typically siloed, this is rarely the case. As a result, both the business perspective and alignment behind the product strategy haven’t been communicated throughout the organization, and workflow often becomes derailed. Gocious is on a mission to solve this problem.

Maziar Adl, the co-founder and CTO of Gocious, has been at the forefront of this mission. Adl’s focus is on offering everything a company needs to drive its product roadmap management and definition in a single digital experience for an entire organization. Under Adl’s leadership, the company has created a platform to drive the “what” and the “why” for the whole portfolio instead of just the “how.” Gocious, integrated with Jira, facilitates this seamless collaboration between product management and development teams. The benefit to organizations is that countless hours of communication and collaboration are saved.

Adl embodies the future of product management. With comprehensive experience that stretches from startups to large corporations and management consulting, he brings a unique perspective to the table. This diverse background has made him adept at “managing product development teams from small to large scale with a successful track record in delivery.”

For Adl, the path hasn’t always been smooth. He candidly remarks on the challenges faced, stating, “Introducing new technology and processes which change the way people work in various organizations can be daunting. Change, though crucial, can be a bitter pill for many.” His approach is rooted in empathy and clarity. “Every challenge has its solution. It begins with understanding the people, finding champions, and nurturing change from within,” Adl says, emphasizing the importance of clear and business-oriented messaging to earn support from decision-makers.

A testament to his adaptability and vision is evident in one of his notable career highlights: spearheading the successful transformation of the Experian D2C UK division. Under his leadership, the division transitioned from a traditional waterfall model to a more agile development framework, all while concurrently re-imagining its platform in the cloud.

Looking ahead, Adl envisions a world where the hardware industry parallels software in its agility and adaptability. As roadmap management software grows, he anticipates a pressing need for “higher transparency and collaboration to streamline the innovation lifecycle.” To him, outstanding products can transform the world. But crafting such products requires leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure they resonate with people’s needs.

Gocious was designed to do just that. A pioneer in the product management domain, Gocious aspires to foster unparalleled transparency and collaboration. The goal is clear: empower product managers and their development organizations to craft superior products that not only meet but exceed market demands.

As Maziar Adl has built through Gocious, achieving lasting success in the world of product management requires integrating the strengths of powerful tools and cohesive teams. It’s a synergy that’s destined to redefine the future of product management and perhaps even the world.

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