The Cure

Disintegration (Fiction)

The Sweet Kill Finds the Cure: Pete Mills of L.A. gothic post-punk band the Sweet Kill told us about his love for a Cure classic.



Pete Mills: I’m super honored to talk about my favorite album Disintegration from The Cure.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest where there was a torrential downpour almost every day, I felt this perpetual melancholy juxtaposed with hope that one day I would live my musical dream as an artist. When it rains in L.A., which is very rare, I reconnect with my roots by playing along on guitar and bass to the Disintegration album in its entirety.

The bass lines blow my mind, and the atmospheric guitars inspire me so much that I wish I wrote every one of them. The lyrical brilliance supporting the thematic arch touch on the bittersweet aspect of love and relationships.

This particular feeling is what I long to capture as an artist especially the sincere and sad but passionate vocal delivery of my hero Robert Smith These elements are what I was driven to write for The Sweet Kill album DARKNESS. I hope you enjoy listening to this album in its entirety as much as I did creating it.

Thank you and may all goths prevail.

The Sweet Kill Finds the Cure: The Sweet Kill’s Darkness album is out now. The release party takes place on November 26 at Bar Sinister.








































































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