Kudos to CBS2 for breaking new ground in stupid election reporting. The station reports on its website that at least six polling places have been set up in L.A. County mobile home parks or apartment complexes where registered sex offenders live.

Why is that a problem? Here's El Monte resident Dan Jones:
“They're going to come in, and they'll be with their parents, but a lot of kids will run around, and there a lot of little hiding places, what have you. It's just not, generally, a good thing,” Jones said.
Apparently, there's not enough paranoia around elections already, so we need to add sex offender paranoia to the mix.

So where should parents be most afraid to vote? CBS2 highlights the Heritage Park senior apartments in Duarte. The L.A. County registrar set up a polling place in the apartment clubhouse — even though registered sex offender Darrell Wayne Brown lives in the complex. Actually, he used to live there. Turns out he moved out recently, which makes this less of a story.
But still, let's weigh the costs and benefits here. On the one hand, L.A. County could shut down the polling place, making it harder for the residents of the Heritage Park senior apartments to vote because, through no fault of their own, they used to live next to a sex offender. 
Or, they could leave the polling place open and run the risk, however small, that a sex offender who no longer lives there might return to kidnap a child who runs away from his parents while they are momentarily distracted by the civic act of voting.
Seems like a simple call. And yes, Drudge picked this up.

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