The Story of Veronica Noriega, A Model & Fashionista, Inspiring More Women Into Entrepreneurship

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There are a lot of things that need to go right for a business to succeed. Out of all the possible factors, passion for the business takes primal importance. Every successful business needs a mind that can streamline that passion into something tangible and that is exactly what Veronica is doing with her line of successful businesses.

Veronica Noriega started out as a model working with some of the most successful brands out there. With an immense passion for beauty and personal care, Veronica knew she was built for something beyond a modeling career. She started her entrepreneurial venture with The House Of Stash Fashion and went on to establish two more successful businesses in the clothing industry.

The fashion and personal care industry is demanding and growth in such an industry requires continuous adaptation and Effective Leadership for which The House Of Stash (@thehouseofstash) is a perfect example.

Veronica’s professional life graduated from being a Mac Makeup artist to a successful model who has worked with some of the top magazines like Hype, Rolling Out, The Source, The Source Latin, ThisIs50, Hip Hop Weekly, Flaunt, and World Latin Star and now to becoming a passionate woman entrepreneur responsible for three successful businesses.

A Little About The House Of Stash:

Veronica established The House Of Stash Fashion in Little Five Point District, Atlanta GA,  where she started establishing a strong customer persona for her brand. Relentless passion curated along with intelligent business decisions soon made The House Of Stash a raging success in Atlanta and from there on the brand started reaching an audience across the globe.

Their services are curated keeping the customer and quality in mind which is one of the many reasons why the brand is successful. The customer experience as a whole with The House Of Stash is something that has made it stand out in its industry and standing out in an industry so competitive is no joke.

Before starting The House Of Stash, Veronica was clear about one thing, her business would provide its customers with an experience that was held in the highest regard and she did just that.

The Hustle And Love For Family:

Now, building a business and making it successful comes with its own set of challenges but being a full-time mom along with it is a whole new level of the game. Veronica mentioned in one of her interviews that, she is determined to build a legacy empire so that her children would be well taken care of and at the same time inspire them to do more than what she did. Veronica’s love for her family is immensely deep and it definitely reflects in the way she thinks and speaks.

Cur-V By Vero: High-Quality Shapewear and Activewear:

After establishing The House Of Stash, Veronica knew she wanted to do more and then picked up the next big thing that she loved, clothing.

Veronica started Cur-V By Vero(@shopcurvbody) which is a high-quality apparel line that gives customers the choice of choosing from a wide range of quality body shapers and activewear. The products from the apparel business uphold one of the highest quality standards which are evidently seen from the reviews online. Cur-V started out online and slowly started turning heads and attracting customers in a very short window, thanks to the quality and reliability that the product offers.

The revenue of the business line has started increasing significantly and within the span of time it started its operation, it is evident that the business started growing rapidly. The main USP of the product is that it addresses the concern of a customer sector that had to rely on products that were either not of good quality or had to pay a fortune for the product. Cur-V met its customers right in the middle which made it easy for them to procure high-quality shapewear and activewear much easier and without the concern of paying more for the product.

With a successful stint establishing two highly successful businesses, Veronica started her plans on establishing her third line of business which also is a clothing line but specialized for men.

Next Level: Fashionable and Affordable Men’s & Women’s Apparel:

Next Level is a His and Hers Streetwear Clothing Line(@nextlevelbrand2022) started recently by Veronica Noriega & Octavious Dollar. They are determined to take it to the standards of their existing business. The whole idea behind the brand is to provide men and women with the option of choosing from a wide range of highly fashionable and affordable streetwear clothing that will boost their confidence and morale.

The initial phase of the brand establishment is going in full swing and the model/entrepreneur is actively seen promoting the brand on her socials. With Next level, Veronica will soon establish a strong base in the clothing industry which will help her diversify into many other sectors of the industry and successfully establish strong business lines.

Veronica’s Mission:

Beyond the entrepreneurial touch, Veronica is on a mission that is much bigger than establishing a successful business empire. Veronica is a staunch believer in empowering women and never misses a chance where can propagate that idealogy. Veronica believes that women have the power to turn the world around with innovation and effective leadership. She says that one of the major reasons why she is on this continuous hustle of establishing successful businesses is to inspire more women to embark on the beautiful journey she is on. She believes that more women competing and making it big in business would help change many things and she believes that with every single decision she has made for her business.

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