The story of entrepreneur Rio Olivetti: The Mastermind Behind Numero IX Cocktails ; one of the most successful cocktails in the region

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Rio Olivetti: A Bar Owner and Entrepreneur with a Passion for Cocktails

Rio Olivetti, an Italian/Australian mixologist, bar owner, and successful entrepreneur, is the mastermind behind one of the best cocktails to date: Numero IX Cocktails. It is no wonder that after the launched in 2021, Numero IX has rapidly became an extremely popular pre-batched cocktail brand in Australia. In this article, we will delve into the story of Rio Olivetti and his journey with Numero IX.

Surviving Lockdown: How Rio Olivetti Turned Adversity into Opportunity

Rio Olivetti’s journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the hospitality industry was not an easy one. After moving to Australia, he tried his hand at various jobs before becoming a cocktail waiter at Evolution Bar. It was at Phoenix Bar, where he was trained by the manager and later became the manager, that he honed his skills as a bartender. He went on to manage multiple venues, such as Penny Black, Little Mess Hall, and Black Pearl, before finally opening his own venue in late 2019.

Creating Connections: How Numero IX Cocktails is Reaching New Markets and Consumers

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the hospitality industry to its knees, and many bars had to close their doors. Rio’s project was also affected, and he had to pivot to keep his business afloat. In 2020, he noticed a high demand for spirits and liqueurs among locals who were looking for premium experiences in lockdown. This led him to introduce Numero IX Cocktails, which received massive attention from locals and social media influencers, selling 3000 bottles in just under a year.

Overcoming Challenges: The Relentless Passion of Rio Olivetti and what seperates Numero IX Cocktails from the crowd 

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Rio navigated the continuity of the brand while maintaining its value and product consistency. Numero IX is more than just pre-batched cocktails; it’s a brand that aims to connect people to nature in a post-technological world. The brand also has a strong focus on material sustainability and gives back to the community through educational initiatives.

Rio’s creative style of drinks, passion for liquid innovation and design, and focus on material sustainability have earned him recognition in the industry. Numero IX has been announced as one of the finest pre-batched cocktails by “Carl Hartman,” founder of Lyres, operating in 60 countries. Mastermind behind ABH group and entrepreneur “Pierre Van der Heyde” mentioned them as a creative product smartly balanced with bold spirits. Stamford Plaza Melbourne and Next Hotel Melbourne took them as their main product for their minibars and amenities. These recognitions have helped Rio establish Numero IX as a leading pre-batched cocktail brand.

Lessons Learned: Wisdom and Advice from Rio Olivetti for Entrepreneurs

Rio’s entrepreneurial journey has been filled with challenges, such as navigating the complexities of scaling up a business and the rising cost of logistics and employment. However, he believes that the key to success is having a relentless passion for what you do. He encourages others to attend educational events, read extensively, and reach out to people in the industry who can share their knowledge.

Looking to the future, Rio has aspirations of partnering with leading retailers globally, maximizing collaborations with hotel chains from around the world, and working with designers to create beautifully designed bottles with premium high-end cocktails. Not far-fetched! Given the overwhelming success his business is experiencing.

Overall, Rio Olivetti’s story is one of resilience, passion, and innovation. His journey with Numero IX Cocktails is a testament to the power of creativity, adaptability, and sustainability. If you’re looking for premium pre-batched cocktails that offer an unparalleled drinking experience, look no further than Numero IX Cocktails.

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