The story of a Colombian immigrant who made America the home of her entrepreneurial dream – Distrivision

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Dreams are not defined by territories but by aspirations. However, there is a catch. If you are in a place that does not provide you with the right resources, you either give up on your dreams or leave altogether. If you choose to migrate to another country, you will have to face all kinds of new barriers. Colombian-American entrepreneur and business lead at Distrivision, Katherine Grullon Cuervo, states, “The depth of your determination and dedication for your craft decides how passionate you’re about making your dreams come true.”

“The United States is a country built on the sweat of immigrants and hard-working individuals, a country that has come forward with the efforts of many people who come with the American dream, seeking a better quality of life,” believes Katherine.

“Starting a new business brings a new beginning in the life of an entrepreneur. However, as an immigrant who barely speaks any English, the language barrier can make anyone feel powerless. In our case, we set ourselves aside from other businesses by shunning selfishness, setting the ethics of honesty and wellness, and loving what we do. If you love what you do, everything else will come easier.”

Katherine Grullon Cuervo shares her mother’s inspiring story. A story of grit and entrepreneurial prowess, something Maria Ruth, the Founder, and CEO of Distrivision, had in bucketloads. Maria rose like a phoenix when she moved from Colombia to the United States with her family to give her dreams a place to thrive. She came, and she conquered.

America is one of the first countries to admire and celebrate entrepreneurship. Here, hard work and determination can get you everything you want. This freedom of entrepreneurship has let the United States show the world the gifts that come to fruition once the human creative spirit is allowed to flourish. This is why people worldwide are drawn to the country – to fulfill the American dream. This is, in some sense, a dream we all harbor to make something of our talents.

When Maria Ruth came to America, her vision was no different, but her backstory was. Talking about her mother’s humble beginnings, Katherine Grullon Cuervo shares, “My mother grew up in the city of Manizales in Colombia. She has been a business owner since she was 13 when she worked with her mom.” Katherine adds, “Business is like a legacy for her. She was used to being her own boss and business owner in her own right. Suddenly, when we came to the States, she started from ground zero as an immigrant at a factory. While grateful for the opportunity, it was a very challenging experience for her.”

Katherine Grullon Cuervo sheds light on Maria’s trials, and her mother understood that to bring everyone together regardless of the different language they speak requires a bigger shared understanding, a universal language that comes from hard work, honesty, and ethics. “So she started working in a factory. For a self-respecting Colombian businesswoman, coping with the severe change in status was difficult. But she persevered, and gradually, she was able to open her first store – La Feria del Regalo, or The Gift Fair.”

The business offered its customers high-quality Colombian goods and excellent customer service. The locals appreciated Maria’s business ethics and valued her genuine respect. As a result, the brand became a success. “This turned into Shapewear Central in 2016 and Distrivision in 2020. Starting as a nook in a corner, we now supply to retailers nationwide. The American dream has become my mother’s reality.”

Indeed so. And with Katherine Grullon Cuervo leading the business empire on behalf of her mother, we wish Distrivision more luck for the future!

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