It’s time for our annual selection of the best Halloween cannabis picks in Los Angeles. 

It’s Halloween eve eve, or do you add another because it’s an eve like Christmas Eve? Who cares? What’s important is that we’re two days from that time you convince your kids to save room in their pillowcases for Reese’s Cups.

If that doesn’t sound like something fun to puff before I don’t know what does. Here are some strains to help you build up the appetite to get to the bottom of the bag. But don’t eat all your kid’s candy!

Catalyst – Fresh Baked Peaches and Cream

Courtesy of Catalyst

So you want to get high and go look for ghosts on the Queen Mary? There is a chance that if you plan to smoke the real heat on this adventure you’ll be stopping at Long Beach mainstay Catalyst to get your hands on some. Don’t worry, we’ve gone ahead and peeked the menu and would definitely recommend Fresh Baked’s Peaches and Cream to help sweeten up your haunted happenings. It’ll lean a bit more on the cerebral side of things but there is still somebody with it. 


AHHS – Famouski Freddy Krueger

Courtesy of AHHS

All of West Hollywood is haunted with the ghosts of acting careers that never got off the ground, but the longtime killers at AHHS have you covered if you can’t ride shotgun with The Ghostbusters. As we noted in our coverage of their 20th anniversary, one of the reasons AHHS has lasted so long is because they actually stock flame in a sea of recreational mids. For the holiday, you can get your hands on some of Famouski’s Freddy Krueger. It not only has one of the best names given the theme of the list but it’s also a proper strain for the L.A. gas enthusiasts. Keep in mind it is sure to turn your dreams into nightmares should you run out of your favorite candy not long after puffing. 


LAPCG – Trainwreck

Courtesy of LAPCG

The Trainwreck at LAPCG came in fifth place in the Emerald Cup this year. I’ve referenced it before on a list, but I can’t understand for the life of me why the winds of hype are yet to hit its sails. I think part of it is that so many old school hitters of the past fell off, so when you see one like Trainwreck, people wonder what it’s still doing around as opposed to whether it’s the heat. I can assure you, few other cuts have stood the test of time like this one and this is the most fuel-heavy phenotype of Trainwreck we’ve ever laid eyes on. There is also an argument to be made that this pheno is the top shelf phenotype of anything that I’ve personally smoked the most since 2011. 


Green Dragon – Malverdes Revenge

Courtesy of Green Dragon

A lot of great horror movies center around the idea of getting someone back, and Green Dragon’s latest and greatest Malverde’s Revenge is the perfect accessory for avenging whoever. We’ve seen a lot of heat from Green Dragon in recent months. Their Cannabis Cup entries in both NorCal and SoCal were reputable and closer to the top of the pack than the bottom. We also scored some Kush Mints from them during a stop at The Jet Room after Kushstock that was our second favorite Kush Mints we’ve had for sure.


Hyperwolf – Rainbow Mintz

Hyperwolf is the only delivery service we are featuring on this list and it’s not because it’s a Halloween list and the name sounds like something that transforms and howls under the full moon. It’s because they have the heat for sure. While generally known for stocking some of the best products in the state early and often with other people’s logos on them, the house flower line had proven very reputable. So for the holiday we’re recommending the Rainbow Mintz and think you should give the house weed at Hyperwolf a try. 


Compound Genetics – Fish Scale

Courtesy of Compound Genetics

We’ve kept a pretty close eye on Compound’s projects over the last couple of years. A couple of pheno hunts and a ton of crazy heat later, we’re excited to see the Fish Scale start to hit shelves. You’ll have to head over to Cookies to get your hands on it but don’t sleep if you see it on the menu, this pairing of Gelatti and The Menthol is sure to disappear from shelves quickly regardless of the holiday. 


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