If you have not yet been to The Spice Table, chef Bryant Ng's utterly beautiful brick house of a restaurant in Little Tokyo, you might try finally getting around to in next week. Although why you haven't yet gone to eat the marvelous marrow bones, or Ng's take on dishes from his native Singapore or, for that matter, the roasted pig's tail he had on his menu once and that some of us still dream about, might be something of a mystery. Whatever. Make up for it next week when the restaurant celebrates its first birthday. Hope you like sambal.

According to Ng, they're starting off the party at this Sunday's Gold Standard (otherwise known as Jonathan Gold's farewell bash) at the Petersen, and continuing it at the actual restaurant that day through the following Saturday, March 10, the actual one year anniversary.

They'll have lots of fancy specials ($1 Tiger beer!) and dishes you mayn't have seen in awhile (foie gras satay!), as well as other ad hoc deals during the week that they'll be posting on Facebook. If you like booze with your sambal, La Descarga's Ken Arbuckle is creating beer cocktails with fun things in them like ginger and coconut and tamarind and lime and, well, beer. Happy Birthday. May you have many more — and preferably many more pig's tails.

LA Weekly