Everybody's talking about Witch House, the dance genre/state of mind that rose from the chop'n'screwed cauldron of Houston hip-hop to entice the minimal synth/post-goth crowd and take over dancefloors and car stereos (Salem!) from NY to London to Tokyo to L.A.'s own Showcave and other discerning hubs.

But a few years ago, the guy with the vision was DISARO, Houston's turntable freak Robert Disaro–label owner, sophisticated spinner, all-around nice guy, and, most importantly, recently relocated Angeleno.

That's right: regardless of what you read in the world music press, DISARO plays for Team L.A. now and if you wanna know what the most inventive dancefloors (once again, fuck Tiesto!) will be sounding like in 2013, you can do much worse than ask Robert Disaro what he's into right now.

So we did, and here's DISARO's Top 9 Favorite Releases of 2010:

[Disaro .&. Zane Landreth of Killing Spree D.J. the opening night of △ L ☾ Ħ ƹ ṃ ¥ — (Alchemy) “an event for people who don't like nightclubs.” At Palihouse in West Hollywood, 8465 Holloway Drive. Tonight, Wednesday Jan. 26, from 10 p.m.-2 a.m. No cover. RSVP to richroyal@iamrichroyal.com]

9. Autumus — Nox Noctis Leo

8. HTRK — Marry Me Tonight

7. Yoga — Megafauna

6. Cult of Youth — Filthy Plumage in Open Sea!

5. Raw Moans — We Want it Beautiful Not Real

4. Sun City Girls — Funeral Mariachi

3. Dangerous Boys Club — Vril

2. White Ring — Black Earth That Made Me

And here's Robert Disaro's number 1 release from 2010 (i.e., the music everyone else will be discovering in 2013):

1. Led Er Est — Dust on Common

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