Downtown all-ages club The Smell has long been hub of an insanely vibrant punk, noise and experimental scene. The much-discussed grassroots community has seeded many a memorable night, but until now it had never been successfully captured online. This week, however, the club debuted its new website, and it's a joy to behold.

Designed by Foot Village drummer Dan Rowan , the site is a clean, crisp, user-friendly destination with a simple schedule (with each act's My Space page represented), a history of the club and, best, a multimedia gallery that contains dozens of embedded YouTube clips of past performances, a photo archive — which only contains one photo (of Miranda July) so far — and an archive of past fliers.

Let's give it up for motherfrickin' Anavan

The exciting thing about the site is that Rowan designed it so that bands who have played at the Smell and fans who attended can submit their own videos, photos and flyers from the gigs. Eventually, it'll serve as an archive of the scene and will no doubt yield a treasure trove of multimedia art. Plus, the site's super easy and simple. If you want to know who's playing the Smell tomorrow night (Le Face, NASA Space Universe, B-Lines, Defektors and Friendly Neighbors), it's right there for you.

One of the many glories of the new Smell site are the flyers of Pizza! frontman Geoff Geis

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