A company that makes fragrances based in part on the DNA of dead celebrities has unveiled a Michael Jackson signature scent that's purported to be based on genes extracted from locks collected from the pop star's head. Hairy!

Los Angeles-based My DNA Fragrance recently partnered up with celebrity hair-sample collector John Reznikoff to produce a cologne (sorry ladies) based on Jackson's genes as well as a whole line of fragrances based on the DNA of other dead celebs. The Jackson-flavored product will be called M. “M is engineered from the DNA genetic code of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson,” the company states.

The fragrance will be part of the company's “Antiquity” line of scents that also includes Marylin Monroe-based “Marylin” and Elvis Presley-based “Blue Suede.” Uwh-huwh.

My DNA Fragrance “has joined forces with John Reznikoff, the world's most renowned celebrity hair collector, to obtain the DNA from the locks of hair of more than 100 deceased celebrities to begin the company's secret process to engineer and formulate the exclusive 'Antiquity' Fragrance line,” the company announced this month.

The scent-maker says a portion of sales proceeds will go to the celebrities' estates. The fragrances come with certificates of authenticity signifying that they were indeed based on the DNA of the deceased stars in question. Customers can even get the company to make custom scents based on their own DNA or that of loved ones. Mmm. Smells like Aunty May.

We think the next move for the company is to make scents based on the discarded chewing gum, dirt, grime and used-up cigarettes found on dead celebrities' stars along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This could be called the “Fame” line and feature the true smells of Hollywood Boulevard.

In the case of M, we have to wonder if the stuff will have the ability to attract members of the opposite sex. Or maybe it will attract younger members of the same sex, ya dig? At only $59.99 for three ounces, we think this stuff will be bigger than Jesus juice.

LA Weekly