Though punk's myriad subdivisions leave little room for fresh interpretation, local brothers The Sheds bring refreshing musicality and panache to the genre without compromising its signature pace and pummel. Morgan Miller's guitars and Evan Miller's super-literate bass intertwine in almost symphonic fashion, every bit as expressive as big bro Mac's tuneful vocals, which, while deeply indebted to '90s pop-punk, never stray into truly whiny, my-girlfriend-doesn't-get-me territory. Last year's I'll Be Fine full-length has scarcely a shadow of the band's ska-stained mid-aughts beginnings, instead juggling grooves around unashamedly anthemic hooks to create something like a less preachy, more introspective Rise Against. Thoughtful, restless and ludicrously tight, The Sheds sound deadly serious about having fun.

Sat., July 5, 7 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 07/05/14)

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