Charlie Beck, as a candidate for the chief's job at the Los Angeles Police Department, we hardly knew ya. And now the City Council is poised to approve your nomination starting at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.

It's only been a few weeks, in fact, since you were named as a top-three finalist for the job. A week or so of parading around community meetings with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, using his email account to introduce yourself to members of the media, and proclaiming that you'll distinguish yourself from super-top-cop William Bratton, and viola, you're all up in City Hall like a long-legged TV news reporter.

You're in despite questions about your tenure as leader of the Los Angeles Police Relief Association, when a $20 million fund paid for with taxpayer dollars was allegedly amassed under your tenure and more than one employee accused you of attempting to cover it up.

And even though there was some criticism about how rapidly the mayor has pushed you through the chief-making process (it took the city barely more than a month to find a person to fill the most coveted cop job in the world, while the small city of Beverly Hills undertook a three-month, nationwide process to find its new city manager), you're it.

And despite the opinions of some folks who thought that the tech-minded Valley Chief Michel Moore would have been the most progressive pick for chief, you — the most old-school, LAPD-DNA-having finalist — you the man.

Someday we hope we'll be able to look back fondly on this shotgun wedding. It went by faster than a Charlie Sheen hook-up.

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