The Rise Of Superstar Influencer, Waifu Mia

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Waifu Mia’s story is an incredible example of how passion, dedication, and perseverance can change the course of your destiny in the most surprising ways. At the time of writing this article, she has a following of over 1.8M followers on Instagram and 483K on Twitter. She has also garnered 250M views and counting on TikTok, where she boasts over 1.4M followers. Mia owes her fame to her successful TikTok videos, featuring anything from silly faces and trendy dances. Until she started making these videos, her life was quite typical and unremarkable.

Growing up, Mia’s path was already set from an early age: she would become a nurse. This wasn’t something her family had dreamed for her. It was what she thought she wanted to spend the rest of her life doing. Through diligent work and determination, she successfully achieved each educational milestone. At 16, she won an academic excellence award and later earned a full dance scholarship to a prestigious Canadian university to pursue her nursing dream. She joined social media shortly after and started making funny videos.

Within six months, this hobby changed to something more. Mia’s TikTok video of her dancing to the song “Dance Monkey” went viral with over 100M views on the platform. A famous e-girl influencer, Belle Delphine, contacted Mia, saying she loved her aesthetic and style. To her delight, Belle added that Mia reminded her of herself! This was a huge moment for Mia because Belle had been her idol for many years, and attracting her attention made her feel truly seen. That pushed her to be an even better influencer, and she now hopes she’ll get a chance to collaborate with Belle one day.

Since beginning her journey, Mia managed to maintain a steady flow of content that never disappoints her audience. That, coupled with her bubbly personality, made her one of the fastest-rising stars in her space, but she hasn’t allowed that to get to her head. Even though she’s now on a different trajectory, Mia still hopes to impact lives and make the world a better place. Her dreams include starting a stray dog charity to help them find safe homes and owning a real estate company. She also hopes to impact other up-and-coming influencers, especially those discouraged by the craziness in that space.

“Never give up on her dreams,” Mia encourages. “All of the influencers that you love and watch were just normal people until they decided to take risks, work, and build up their name and brand. You are capable of anything.” As one of them, Mia’s journey from an ordinary girl on track to work as a nurse to a superstar on an unconventional path is proof of what happens when you decide to forge your own way. However, it’s not all rosy, as Mia attests.

“People would often tell me ‘Stop trying to be an influencer; you’ll never succeed. You’re a failure,’ and it took a toll on my mental health,” Mia shares. “I fell into a deep depression, believing all the hate and negativity.” Over time, she learned to tune out those voices and focus on her craft without feeling the need to prove anything to anyone. “You are capable of anything,” she reiterates. “Let no one tell you otherwise!”

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