Evan Kleiman is baking pies again. This might not seem like a particularly momentous announcement — a chef baking pies — were it not that Kleiman, chef-owner of Angeli Caffé, cookbook author and host of KCRW's radio show Good Food, baked pies every single day for months last year as part of her Pie-a-Day project on her KCRW blog. One would think she'd be pie-ed out, but such is not the case. In fact, she will restart her Pie-a-Day Project this Monday, June 14th, which will include not only daily posts of recipes, pictures and stories from Kleiman and guest chefs and bakers, but a weekly Piecast. The pie marathon will culminate, unsurprisingly, in the 2nd annual Good Food Pie Contest on Labor Day weekend. Count the days. That's a lot of pies.

“Hey, if it's summer, it's pie time for me,” emailed Kleiman yesterday when we asked her if the pie obsession had in fact returned. “Also, since we're doing another pie contest at the end of the summer it will be good to whip everyone up into another pie frenzy. It's such an antidote to all the crazy stress that's floating around.” Nothing like a good pie to counteract too much CNN, a nail-biting NBA finals, the start of the World Cup, and whatever else that's driving you a little crazy right now. Apple pie, perhaps, like this Best of Show prize-winning apple pie from Barbara Treves, the recipe for which can be found on Kleiman's blog. Time to start your ovens.

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