Getting spoiled. It's something at which the Housewives of Beverly Hills are pretty practiced. But last night we got a glimpse into just how differently the ladies handle royal treatment.

First, the Richards sisters spoiled themselves as the episode kicked off with Kim and Kyle at the skin spa getting electroshock therapy of the face. (See photo above.) Yes, that's Kim lying on the table with an eerie executioner-like mask on, proving to the world that yes, beauty is, in fact, pain. Or if not pain, slight discomfort and a taste of metal in your mouth. The treatment partly stemmed from Kim's decision to re-enter the dating world. She'd been set up with Martin, one of Lisa's millionaire Peter Pan-syndrome elderly playboy friends, and she wanted to make sure she looked like a hot toddy in time for the date.

Meanwhile, Camille got spoiled as she prepped to attend the Tony Awards with uber-famous(is) husband Brad Pitt Kelsey Grammer by shopping with friends/ladies in waiting. It became pretty clear pretty quickly why Camille has such a high opinion of herself: she's surrounded by people who almost literally sing her praises. With each dress she put on, Camille's harem of girlfriend “oooooooo!”-ed and “aaaaaaawww!”-ed over how “amaaaaaaazing!” she looked. Wooooooow, Camille, you really are interesting even without Kelsey there! Especially when half the people around you are getting paid.

Adrienne and husband Paul spent this episode at home, celebrating their eight-year anniversary. Paul did everything he could to spoil his wife – he arranged for a harpist to play in their living room, bought a case of expensive white wine, which he knows she loves, had special green chilies flown in from Mexico for the lovely cheese fondue someone else made for them – and Adrienne seemed impressed with exactly none of it. Paul, it seems, only receives jabs and put-downs on their anniversary.

Finally the night arrived for Kim to meet Martin. The date came in the form of a get-together for Lisa thrown by “Mohamed.” Mohamed is described as well-known in Beverly Hills, as we imagine any middle-aged man with a 60,000 square foot mansion and a 25-year-old 6'2″ model girlfriend would be. Bu who is this mysterious Mohamed? Can anyone clue us in? And where does he get such wonderful toys?

Regardless, Mohamed definitely knows how to throw a house party. We loved the fact that despite this being a totally fab soiree (bottomless champagne, dinner service, practically black-tie), someone (ok, Cedric) still ended up in half-naked in the pool by the end of the night. Cedric – how do you even get yourself invited to these things? You've got it made, son.

And how did Kim look for the par-tay? Ooooh boy. We'd say cougarific, regardless of the fact that Martin looked twice her age. Kim's supertight leopard print dress (either intentionally or not intentionally, we couldn't tell) threatened to reveal her nipples at all times – a trick that seemed to work on Martin since the man was smitten with her. Kim ain't been married three times for nothing, we'll tell you that. She knows how to land herself a man.

We'll see if the pair of lustbirds are still kicking it next week. Until then!

LA Weekly