Yesterday morning, our favorite Housewife @KyleRichards18 tweeted “Who is going to watch The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills tonight?? I'm looking forward to this one…. :-)” At first we thought, Wow. Rude, Kyle! You're really looking forward to watching Camille get dumped by her husband that much? Apparently we weren't the only ones confused, as Kyle was forced to clarify in an RT: “No!! Its bc of something in my life RT @FoolishlyMiley: @KyleRichards18 cause Camille and Kelsey separate? Bad Kyle :)” Never thought we'd be on the same wavelength as someone who calls herself “FoolishlyMiley,” but hey.

Turned out the “something” Kyle referred to was the college graduation of her oldest daughter, Farrah. It came out in an interview that since Kyle became a mother so young, she didn't have the chance to go to college, so she was all the more proud of her little overachiever. That pride manifested itself in the form of an almost $7,000 diamond ring she gifted Farrah at the post graduation luncheon. Take note, other three Umansky daughters. The bar has been set.

Naturally, Kyle wanted her entire family there to share in the joy, but last minute, she found out that the Hilton clan wasn't going to make it to the par-tay. Was this really a surprise? Can Paris Hilton actually go to low-key family functions? It would have been a media circus. Farrah was probably better off – at least the attention remained on her. The Hiltons staged a mea culpa nonetheless, sending flowers the size of a small Hawaiian island and a check that, according to Kyle, had some extra “guilt” zeros added onto it. Once again, maybe its better they didn't show up.

Meanwhile, Ken and Lisa took Cedric wine tasting in Santa Barbara. And they wonder why he won't move out.



And if you're curious why we don't say much about Adrienne, it's because she hasn't done anything interesting this whole season. That's not meant to be an insult – she's possibly just too level-headed for this show. Good for Adrienne but c'mon. Zzzzz.

Finally, “the call” we mentioned last week reared its ugly head. You know, the one that comes from Kelsey in the middle of the night ending his marriage to Camille. So Camille says in an interview, (in which her eye puffiness was quite apparent, despite heavy makeup) she begged him to stay, but Kelsey was done.

Ok, Camille hasn't been our favorite person this season but we're going to lay off her in her time of trial and instead pick on jackass Kelsey Grammer. Listen to the mindfuck this a-hole pulled. He tells Camille it's over, but considering the Tony Awards are in a few days, she should still come to New York to walk the red carpet with him. He says maybe it'll be a romantic weekend. “Let's see what happens.” Translation: “I can't wait to divorce you and move forward with the possibly pregnant woman I'm having an affair with, but I don't want rumors of my infidelity spoiling my Tony nomination. You understand.”

So she does. And what happens during said romantic weekend? Kelsey will not let her in the apartment. He puts her up in a lovely hotel suite, though. So thoughtful. When Kelsey stops by for a little pre-Tonys bubbly, Camille toasts, among a handful of their friends, “To love, and to 13 years of marriage.” Was that a little bit of knife-twisting, Camille? And in that moment, for the first time, we liked her.

Next week, Kyle apparently lunges at Kim in a blind rage in the back of the limo. 'Nuf said.

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