What does that mean exactly? Is that a popular British phrase? Regardless, “Like a storm in a bloody teacup” is how Lisa described the rift between Kyle and Camille that took centerstage in the week's RHBH episode. Aye yi yi.

Camille invited all the ladies, including Kyle, with whom she's been feuding, to accompany her to New York for Kelsey's big premiere in La Cage Aux Folles on Broadway, which made us realize – there's a lot more forced hanging out on this season of the Housewives than we've ever seen. Even the husbands aren't escaping the contrived quality time, such as in this episode when they're forced to go on a “man date” while their wives are out of town. Russell, Paul, Mauricio and Ken all had a lovely dinner that was obviously part of their contract and discussed how to make their marriages last. “Never go to bed angry,” Lisa's husband wisely advised. Mmm-hmm. You know these boys were dying to go to the strip club.

The point being – why was Kyle even invited? When NYC housewives Jill and Bethenny were having a tiff, they pretty much stayed away from each other, but for whatever reason, that's not allowed in Beverly Hills. If one goes somewhere they all go, which must be hell for them but leads to all those juicy awkward moments we crave from shows like this. Cue New York.

To review, Camille claimed in a previous ep that Kyle was “interrogating” her about her Spring Break trip to Hawaii with her kids. Then came the infamous mention of Kelsey. Kyle's version of the story goes that she said, “Is Kelsey meeting you in Hawaii?” Camille's version goes that Kyle said, “Why would anyone be interested in you without Kelsey there?” That's the phrasing she keeps insisting was used. “I swear on my mother who has cancer,” says Camille. Whoa now.

First question, why were there no cameras on this conversation? All this controversy could be solved if we just rolled the clip. However, since we can only base our opinion on hearsay, we side with Kyle, since 1) we like Kyle better and 2) we don't understand the question. Why would anyone be “interested?” In Hawaii? It doesn't sound like something anyone would say. Who are these alleged interested parties? Hula dancers? Surfers? The women that hand you leis at the airport? We think Camille may be hearing the thoughts swimming in her own head and transplanting them to Kyle's mouth. Sorry.

Despite the disagreement, Kyle hopped on the plane for New York (but not before a little hypnotherapy sesh) and when she arrived, she pulled Camille aside to smooth things over. Both women apologized, and even hugged, and all seemed well.

Then 20 minutes went by.

The ladies sat down to dinner and Camille decided she was mad again because mid-apology, Kyle used the word “insecure.” The word dug so deep into Camille that she retracted any peace pact she'd made with Kyle and picked the same fight all over again. Kyle, clearly irritated by this step backwards, lost all energy for niceties and went straight to the anger zone. “You seriously need help, Camille,” or something to that affect, was her response. “You need to get into therapy right away.” These harsh words, coupled with the hair flipping Kyle does so well, surprised pretty much everyone at the table, but not as much as her final quip – “You're such a fucking liar, Camille!” Resulting in Camille's stunned face pictured above.

And bam! The show ended. It looks like next week the fight continues and the other housewives get dragged in. We can only pray there's table flipping involved. The ladies are only a few miles from Jers.

And P.S., hold the phone, Camille's rent-a-husband Nick has a wife? Discuss.

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